Yesterday, my boss, Jon had a bunch of people over to check out his ‘tubing course.  Remember last weekend we got 33” of snow?  Well he carved out a nice run.  I almost didn’t go because I couldn’t get on an intertube and go flying down (as tempting as it was!!), but I stuck it out and pulled up an intertube and sat with hot apple cider and watched people go flying around the curves.

That’s Jon’s house in the upper left hand corner and this is the view close to the first curve.

That’s Jarod, Jill’s step-son on his way down.

This is the first curve…

That’s Jill in front of her wife, Liz.  Zooming by me at that first curve…

Jill and Liz getting up after hitting that second curve. During one run, they both went flying into the air, landing back on the intertube.  It was quite a sight! Legs flailing, some screams… all the things that make up a good day intertubing!  After sitting outside for about 30-45 min, I was starting to literally freeze my butt off (it was about 15* outside!!) I went inside, where a few more guests were, including another pregnant non-tuber.  There was tons of food, hot drinks and a wood stove burning to keep us warm.  Soon after, everyone came inside and we all chatted for a while, ate.  It was a lot of fun. 

I told Jon that next year when we get a lot of snow, he has to create another course so I can go down.  Someone else can hold Jebediah as I get back in touch with my inner child!