The other day I was walking through to another part of the building where I work.  Along the way, I ran into the brother of one of my co-workers, whom I’ve met once and I think that was almost 2 years ago. We exchanged pleasantries, then things became unpleasant. 

He noticed I was pregnant, said congratulations, and asked if we knew what we were having.  I told him we didn’t and that we were going to wait to find out.  He looked me over for a quick second and said that it looked like we were having a boy.  What he proceeded to do next caught me so off guard all I could do was stand there: he touched my belly.  But not only did he touch my belly, he wrapped his hands around me to feel the sides of my stomach, then back around to the front.  Then said, “yup! feels like it will be a boy!”   We chatted for another 15 or 30 seconds then I got the heck outta there! 

Listen, I get it.  I know people get excited that there is life growing inside of me. Babies are a wonderful thing!  And I love being pregnant and having this body (with all of the pros and cons) that is working every second of every day creating our child.  But at least ASK to touch me.  I know I said the next person that touches me without permission is going to get their belly rubbed right back in return, but this guy caught me so off guard.  Maybe I just have to get used to the fact that it will always come when I’m not expecting it.  And maybe I just have to keep my hands on my belly whenever I talk to people, so as to keep them from touching me. 

And maybe I should just call my co-worker and tell her that her brother totally felt me up in the lobby.