Did we have some snow on Christmas? Yes, a little more than a light dusting. Do I wish we had more to make it seem more Christmasy? Sure.  But we didn’t get a lot of snow on Christmas, so I don’t want any now.  Well, Friday night… it started to snow.  And we woke up to quite a bit–

And it kept coming… and coming…

Grant’s job of shoveling for the winter has begun!

Little did we know, we would continue to get pounded! It kept snowing and snowing–all through Saturday and when we woke up today (Sunday), I went out and measured 2 feet!!  And yes, it’s still snowing as I type, and has been all day long. 

Grant is now officially the shoveling king. It took him just about an hour to do our driveway and front steps. Oh ya, and it was 10* outside.

And winter has just begun.  Ugh!

Oh, and on New Year’s Eve, Grant and I went to a restaurant we went to last year for a late dinner.  It’s a sushi place and since I can’t eat that until after Jebediah is born, we almost didn’t go. But we wanted to keep it a tradition, so he got sushi and I got thai curry shrimp. And despite not being able to have sushi, my dinner was delicious!  The one downfall was the waitress–she looked at me just before we were about to leave and said, “ooooh! baby?!” and reached out and touched my belly. Yes, this is the first time a stranger has touched me without asking. She caught me off gaurd because I didn’t expect her to reach over while I was still sitting in my seat at the table. I thought of my baby book, telling me if someone doesn’t ask and just starts rubbing my belly, that it is perfectly acceptable for me to reach over at the same time and start rubbing their stomach.  But instead of rubbing the waitress’ stomach, I just wrapped my hands around my belly.  Of course, the waitress was nothing but excited for the two of us, but why do people think it’s ok to touch a stranger like that?!? If I wasn’t pregnant and I was just fat, no one would rub my stomach. Lol.  Next time, I hope my reflexes are better and I can reach out and rub their belly!