January 2010

So this past weekend, I was all geared up to attend a pre-natal yoga class first thing Saturday morning, then spend the rest of the weekend cleaning up and preparing the baby’s room.  But Saturday didn’t go as planned.  I woke up and checked online to verify the start time of the yoga class, and I didn’t see it so I called them.  And I’m glad I did because it turns out they don’t have Saturday morning classes anymore. This kind of sucks, but it’s not a complete loss because I can just go to the Thursday evening class instead. Besides, this gave me a chance to enjoy my Saturday morning.  I had breakfast in bed (a bowl of frosted flakes topped with banana–one of my favorites right now), kissed Grant good-bye (road trip with the basketball team), watched some tv and read some of my “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” book. Then sleep started to creep in and it took over!!! I woke up about 2 hrs later (12:30–holy crap!!)  After getting over the pang of guilt for feeling like I wasted half the day, I got up and went for a walk around the neighborhood. I had to get in my exercise, because I was also feeling guilty for eating enchiladas for lunch and a Big Mac meal for dinner the day before. And since our treadmill is on the fritz, I had to bear the freezing temps outside (20* but the sun was shining) and get my 30 minutes in.

Later in the day, I met up with my friend Vivian.  Vivian is pregnant also (10 weeks behind me) and her husband is one of the assistant coaches of the men’s basketball team.  So when the guys are gone, we get together to eat (the thing we’re best at right now) and gab (the second best thing we’re good at).  We ordered Chinese food and watched a movie at her place and talked pregnancy and babies.  It’s great having someone who is pregnant at the same time to share things with.

Sunday, I was determined to be all business.  I cleaned up around the house and took what was once the office/make-shift baby room/disaster area:

And turned it into a blank canvas, that can now be filled with wonderful things for Jebediah!

Grant moved the desk down to the basement earlier in the week, so I just took everything that was on the floor and made multiple trips downstairs.  I took short breaks in between going up and down the stairs–the championship games were on, so I would sit to watch a couple plays before my next trip back up.  After an hour, our stuff was moved downstairs but not put away–that would have to wait for another day–and the baby room was vaccuumed and put in some kind of order.  That big chair isn’t going to stay in there, and neither is that little bookcase, but it’s a start!  I have my old changing table/dresser that is in our room serving as the tv stand which will get painted white and moved into the baby’s room, and we are going to get a rocking chair to put in there too.  

I can’t wait to hang stuff on the walls, get the dresser fixed up and continue to get ready for Jebediah! After all, I only have about 10 weeks left until this baby makes its appearance!

Update to yesterday’s post: I’m happier today!  But I have to tell you, yesterday was such a struggle for me, especially once the sun went down–my eyelids wanted to do the same!  I went straight home after work, not staying the 30 minutes longer that I usually do.  I went straight for the couch and my intention was to take a nap before needing to grab something to eat and heading to the basketball game Grant was working.  The minute I lay down, Jebediah starts kicking and tumbling around. “Now is not the time to play,” I said to baby.  But I managed to sleep for about 20 minutes. I grabbed some food and went to the game. We won (yeah!). By the time I got home it was 9:30 and I practically ran (key word = practically) and got my pj’s on, got ready for bed and watched tv until Grant got home. We talked for a bit about our days and then took on the task of sleep.  And sleep I did!  I think most of it was being so exhausted from the previous night that I fell into a deep sleep in no time.  I did wake up to use the bathroom twice and from 3-3:45 was up doing my walking, stairs, blowing of the nose routine–but I was able to get back to sleep.  The humidifier was on the low setting so as not to run out of water in the middle of the night.  I’m not sure if it’s making any difference yet, so we’ll see.

Ok, so in other news: this weekend we got an entertainment center.  We have been searching for about 2 years for one that was simple looking, yet modern, matched the wood trim we have throughout the house, and didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Ever since we bought our LCD tv, it’s been sitting on top of an old coffee table because it can’t be wall mounted.  We stumbled upon this wonderful find while at Costco doing our usual grocery shopping.  I wanted to show Grant an ottoman that I thought was cute and might look good in our living room that they had the last time I was there.  While unsuccessfully finding the ottoman, I saw this entertainment center and (bonus!) it was on sale. We thought it was perfect! So Kwame went with Grant a few days later to pick it up in his s.u.v.  And since it came in the box fully assembled, we didn’t have to do much but unpack it!

We have to get one of those things that hides cords against the wall and eventually do something with this red cement slab on our basement floor (we’re thinking of painting it with cement paint to match our current carpet color until we re-carpet the whole downstairs).  There’s always so much to do, but at least we can check one thing off our list!  Yeah!

Sleeping is becoming more and more of a chore that I’m dreading every night.  It used to be my favorite part of the day–seriously.  Getting in my comfy pajamas, climbing under the covers, and laying my head in that perfect position (whatever it would be that night) on my pillow that would generate a deep sleep for hours on end. 

No more.

I thought I had my stuffy pregnancy nose under control–I had a whole routine down that included the saline nasal spray, Vicks vapor rub and a box of tissue next to the bed just in case of a sneezing attack in the middle of the night.  Things were going pretty well.  I still woke up at least once a night to use the bathroom (nothing unusual there) but I could always just get up, go, and get back to sleep.  Now when I wake up to go, I’m up.  Some days I’m up because I’m actually wide awake and feel like I’ve had enough sleep to take on the day (hmm…. it’s 2:45 am, if I shower and have breakfast now, I’ll have such a great head start on my day!)  But really most days, I’m up because I can’t breathe out of my nose.  The routine lately has gone like this: I get up to go to the bathroom, I lay back in bed but my nose is so stuffy I can’t breathe. So I get up again and walk laps around the kitchen and living room.  After about 3 minutes, I walk up and down our stairs about 3 or 4 times.  Why do I do this, you ask?  Because usually when I am active, my nose clears up–so I think, all I have to do is move around a bit to “get the juices flowing” and I’ll be able to blow my nose, clear out this stuff and be able to breathe out of at least one nostril, which really is all I need to sleep. 

Lately, no matter how much I move around, it does nothing. NOTHING!!! I end up going back to bed stuffy nosed, pissed off and frankly out of breath from my early morning stairmaster-session.  So I toss and turn, trying to make the most of it.  Sometimes even propping myself up in bed hoping for some kind of relief. I watch each hour pass me by, and eventually it’s 6 am and I end up getting out of bed instead of waiting out the next 15 minutes for my alarm clock to go off.  THEN, the thing that is most frustrating, is that when I get up at 6 am, I put in my contacts and brush my teeth and before I even get in the shower, my nose is clear.  AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGG!!!!!! 

Anxious to try anything to get a good nights sleep, I went to Walmart yesterday to get a humidifier to put next to the bed.  Note: I hate Walmart, but Target is about an hour away so Walmart had to suffice.  After some searching, I found what I think will do the trick and I’m starting to get that “looking forward to going to bed” feeling that I once found so comforting.  I get in line at the check out, and to make my Walmart shopping experience complete, the man in front of me in line was clearly not wearing any underwear and was showing the world his butt crack (wait, is butt crack one word or two? Or is it a hyphenate??)  Yup, pants falling down and all.  If he was intently going to the store that day free-balling it, he couldn’t have at least thrown on a belt?  Although, if he was going to “throw on” anything, you’d hope it would be a pair of undies. Was this a sign of things to come?

Last night, I happily filled my humidifier to the 12 hour mark (it can run up to 24 hours) –thinking this would be plenty of humidifying time for my 6-8 hours of sleep I would be getting.  Apparently not.  I woke up at 2:45 to use the bathroom and the thing was empty!  I should’ve just unplugged it and taken it to the bathroom to refill and try to remember (while half asleep) how it works.  But I went back to my old routine of nasal spray, Vicks, laps and “the stairmaster” not wanting to bother with my new contraption.  Ya, this didn’t work.  I tossed and turned, couldn’t breathe, got up before my alarm, and by the time I had my contacts in, my nose was clear.  Desperately wanting to scrap my whole work day and just crawl back in bed to make up for the last 4 hours of sleep I lost would have to wait until tonight. 

I’m going to give this another try.  I know once the baby comes I won’t be getting much sleep and this is “my body’s way of practicing” for when Jebediah is here, but I would rather stock up on my sleep now.  I hear of women not getting sleep because they are uncomfortable due to the size of their growing bellies, but this is simply not the case for me.  I’m giving this humidifier another try tonight, but if there is anything I haven’t tried that you would suggest, dear readers, PLEASE leave me a comment and let me know.  I’m getting desperate.

Ok, enough with this. I do have good stuff to post about, but that will come tomorrow (hopefully along with some good news about my sleep tonight!).  Talk to you then.

I’m happy to report that I do not have gestational diabetes.  Hooray!  Here’s the recap of my day:

  • Stopped by my office first thing in the morning to grab my laptop and some work I knew I could finish while waiting in between getting my blood drawn.
  • Got there, signed in, waited almost half an hour before being given the orange stuff to drink again. Hunger pains are starting, as I’ve been fasting since late the night before.  I’m actually looking forward to drinking this sugary drink just so I can get something in my stomach.
  • Took my first dose, had to wait an hour. They drew a small vile of blood from my arm.  I’m starving. I asked the lab tech if I could chew gum (I knew I had one piece left in my purse, which I think now could save my life). “Is it sugarless gum?” she asked.  Crap.  I hope it’s sugarless or else I’m going to pass out.
  • I rummage through my purse. Sugarfree gum!!!  “It’s sugarfree!” I wanted to scream out to everyone in the waiting room.  I feel as though I’ve won the lottery and happily chew my gum–and give myself a pat on the back for having gum that is free from sugar instead of the unhealthy alternative.
  • I finally get connected to wireless and am able to check my email, schedule some meetings for Jon, etc.
  • I get my blood drawn a second time after the second hour.  The 3rd and last hour can’t come fast enough because my gum is starting to lose its appeal.  I need food.  Jebediah has been almost stationary all morning and I’m starting to get concerned my baby is officially malnourished.  I’m starting to get pissed at these people in the lab for forcing me to starve my child.  I keep my eye on the clock, knowing they are supposed to call my name in 42 seconds. 
  • 1 min. 30 seconds go by and they still haven’t called me.  I just might have to strangle someone for making me wait these extra 48 seconds. Then the woman comes out and calls my name.  I spit my gum out while walking past a trash can on the way to the seat where they will draw the 3rd and final vile of blood, anticipating the crackers I will start to wolf down before I even leave the office.
  • I gather my things and start to eat my crackers.  The bus that goes directly from the hospital to my office won’t be there for another 15 minutes, so I decide to make the relatively short and direct walk through campus.  I’m meeting a co-worker for lunch and I’m already late, so I haul my laptop, purse and pregnant self to my office, all while trying to eat my crackers.  This becomes an unsuccessful task, as I’m breathing heavily from walking fast and carrying a heavy load of all my stuff.  I have to stop eating my crackers, which in turn, starts to make me mad.
  • I make it back to the office in 7 minutes. Not bad! I drop off my stuff and meet Dennis outside his office for lunch.  “Where do you want to go to eat?” he asks.  I try to be as polite as possible when I say, “It doesn’t matter, I’m starving, so I’ll eat anything.”  He makes the executive decision to go to Great Harvest Bread Co. and we get soup and sandwiches.  I don’t know if the tomato chutney they put on the sandwich always tastes like a little piece of heaven, or if it was just because I was so hungry?  Happily full, I get back to the office and finish out the work day.
  • Jebediah starts kicking and moving around about an hour after lunch.  Baby is happy.  I’m happy.
  • A few hours later, I call my doctor’s office to see if they got the results.  I have to leave a message and wait to get called back.  Arg.
  • 20 minutes go by and my phone rings.  I passed with flying colors.   I don’t have gestational diabetes.  The nurse I’m on the phone with says I’ve actually got the best numbers she’s seen in a long time.  I’m extremely happy, not even being able to imagine going through the rest of this pregnancy with diabetes.  Then I start to think, “I starved myself and my baby, got poked and prodded, and was worried all for nothing?!” 

In other baby news, we’ve made some progress on the baby room.  Grant had asked me last weekend what I wanted to do with it, since all we’ve done is paint and put the crib in it.  I told him I wanted to move the monstrous desk out of there and set it up in the basement.  His reaction? “It’s so heavy, I would want to hire someone to come in for an hour, take it apart, move it downstairs and put it back together.”  But when I got home the other day, the baby room looked like this

The desk was disassembled! Grant had some free time before going into work that day and he got the project started!  He has since moved everything to the basement and has set it all up except one piece that is too heavy for him to put together by himself. This will require a helping hand from a friend.  But once the room is cleaned out, we can start making it look like an actual baby room.  I can’t wait! Especially now that I am at the start of my last trimester (28 weeks and 3 days today!). This baby will be here before we know it!

At the time this picture was taken, I was: 28 weeks, 2 days (7 months pregnant).  Waist = 39″.  Weight = 1 lb less than last month (don’t know how this happened).  I’m still feeling great and Grant and I can’t wait to meet little Jebediah!

This morning, Grant accompanied me to one of my routine monthly pre-nantal doctor’s appointments.  Today, I had to take a glucose test.  For those of you who don’t know what this is, I have to drink this special sugary drink (which actually tastes pretty good–just like Orange pop without the carbonation) an hour before my appointment and when I get there, the nurse takes a few drops of blood and they test it for gestational diabetes.  Turns out I failed.  Miserably, I think. 

They like to see your numbers right around 130 and mine was 175!!  Woa!  So, they scheduled me for another appointment at the hospital lab for tomorrow–this will be a 3 hour appointment (inconvenience #1).  They will give me 3 seperate glucose tests, one each hour, and I can’t leave in between.  I have to just sit there and wait (inconvenience #2).  I plan on bringing my laptop (geez, I hope I can get wifi in there, otherwise = inconvenience #3) to try to get some work done, surf the web…hey, maybe even watch a movie while I wait. 

The good news is the doctor said she doesn’t think I have gestational diabetes because there is no history of diabetes in my family and I live a healthy lifestyle, both now and pre-pregnancy.  This second test needs to be done for more conclusive results, but I should know by tomorrow afternoon whether I have it or not.

I’ll keep you posted!  Send good thoughts my way!

Yesterday, my boss, Jon had a bunch of people over to check out his ‘tubing course.  Remember last weekend we got 33” of snow?  Well he carved out a nice run.  I almost didn’t go because I couldn’t get on an intertube and go flying down (as tempting as it was!!), but I stuck it out and pulled up an intertube and sat with hot apple cider and watched people go flying around the curves.

That’s Jon’s house in the upper left hand corner and this is the view close to the first curve.

That’s Jarod, Jill’s step-son on his way down.

This is the first curve…

That’s Jill in front of her wife, Liz.  Zooming by me at that first curve…

Jill and Liz getting up after hitting that second curve. During one run, they both went flying into the air, landing back on the intertube.  It was quite a sight! Legs flailing, some screams… all the things that make up a good day intertubing!  After sitting outside for about 30-45 min, I was starting to literally freeze my butt off (it was about 15* outside!!) I went inside, where a few more guests were, including another pregnant non-tuber.  There was tons of food, hot drinks and a wood stove burning to keep us warm.  Soon after, everyone came inside and we all chatted for a while, ate.  It was a lot of fun. 

I told Jon that next year when we get a lot of snow, he has to create another course so I can go down.  Someone else can hold Jebediah as I get back in touch with my inner child!

The other day I was walking through to another part of the building where I work.  Along the way, I ran into the brother of one of my co-workers, whom I’ve met once and I think that was almost 2 years ago. We exchanged pleasantries, then things became unpleasant. 

He noticed I was pregnant, said congratulations, and asked if we knew what we were having.  I told him we didn’t and that we were going to wait to find out.  He looked me over for a quick second and said that it looked like we were having a boy.  What he proceeded to do next caught me so off guard all I could do was stand there: he touched my belly.  But not only did he touch my belly, he wrapped his hands around me to feel the sides of my stomach, then back around to the front.  Then said, “yup! feels like it will be a boy!”   We chatted for another 15 or 30 seconds then I got the heck outta there! 

Listen, I get it.  I know people get excited that there is life growing inside of me. Babies are a wonderful thing!  And I love being pregnant and having this body (with all of the pros and cons) that is working every second of every day creating our child.  But at least ASK to touch me.  I know I said the next person that touches me without permission is going to get their belly rubbed right back in return, but this guy caught me so off guard.  Maybe I just have to get used to the fact that it will always come when I’m not expecting it.  And maybe I just have to keep my hands on my belly whenever I talk to people, so as to keep them from touching me. 

And maybe I should just call my co-worker and tell her that her brother totally felt me up in the lobby.

Did we have some snow on Christmas? Yes, a little more than a light dusting. Do I wish we had more to make it seem more Christmasy? Sure.  But we didn’t get a lot of snow on Christmas, so I don’t want any now.  Well, Friday night… it started to snow.  And we woke up to quite a bit–

And it kept coming… and coming…

Grant’s job of shoveling for the winter has begun!

Little did we know, we would continue to get pounded! It kept snowing and snowing–all through Saturday and when we woke up today (Sunday), I went out and measured 2 feet!!  And yes, it’s still snowing as I type, and has been all day long. 

Grant is now officially the shoveling king. It took him just about an hour to do our driveway and front steps. Oh ya, and it was 10* outside.

And winter has just begun.  Ugh!

Oh, and on New Year’s Eve, Grant and I went to a restaurant we went to last year for a late dinner.  It’s a sushi place and since I can’t eat that until after Jebediah is born, we almost didn’t go. But we wanted to keep it a tradition, so he got sushi and I got thai curry shrimp. And despite not being able to have sushi, my dinner was delicious!  The one downfall was the waitress–she looked at me just before we were about to leave and said, “ooooh! baby?!” and reached out and touched my belly. Yes, this is the first time a stranger has touched me without asking. She caught me off gaurd because I didn’t expect her to reach over while I was still sitting in my seat at the table. I thought of my baby book, telling me if someone doesn’t ask and just starts rubbing my belly, that it is perfectly acceptable for me to reach over at the same time and start rubbing their stomach.  But instead of rubbing the waitress’ stomach, I just wrapped my hands around my belly.  Of course, the waitress was nothing but excited for the two of us, but why do people think it’s ok to touch a stranger like that?!? If I wasn’t pregnant and I was just fat, no one would rub my stomach. Lol.  Next time, I hope my reflexes are better and I can reach out and rub their belly!