This weekend was the weekend for getting into the Christmas spirit.  On Saturday, Grant and I went to get our Christmas tree, and I’d have to say, we picked out the perfect one!

But we couldn’t decorate it right away when we got home because we met up with Kwame and Julie, Allison and Dan and their kids at the Lloyd’s church, which was putting on a show, “Christmas Spectacular.”  It was a concert of Christmas carols, a dance team, a short skit at the beginning… it was fun.  My favorite part was their rendition of Little Drummer Boy, and I think Jebediah liked it too because he/she started kicking all around during that number!  Lol.  Afterwards, we went to the Lloyds for some food and to hang out.  Grant and I decided we had to get a picture together because I don’t think we have since we found out we’re having a baby.  How is that possible?!?  Let’s remedy that, shall we?

Can I just say how much I love being pregnant?  Ok.

Last night, we finally took the time to decorate the tree–which didn’t take very long, since we don’t have a ton of ornaments… let’s remedy that too, at some point.  Anyway, here is our tree all done:

And yes, that is the tablecloth we used to have on our dining room table every Christmas when I was growing up being used as the tree skirt.  One of these days I might get a real tree skirt, but this is very handy for now, plus it reminds me of my childhood.  Next, we tried taking a picture of the tree with the lights off so you could see the tree lights, but the best shot we could get was this:

A crazy blurry tree!  Maybe it’s time for a new camera.  Let’s remedy that as well.  Besides, we’ll need to take some good pictures of Jebediah when she/he gets here!  So now, our house is all decorated for Christmas and with the tree, it just pulls everything together. 

For about a year, I’ve been searching for a new set of dishes.  When Grant and I got married, I saw purple dishes at Target when we were registering that I “just had to have!”  But I’m so sick of them now.  They weigh a ton, they get really hot when you microwave something in them (they get hot before your food does, how annoying is that?!) and we’ve even had a couple explode on us.  I haven’t found a set that Grant and I both like, so the search continued.  When my mom was here I mentioned my search for dishes and when she got back home to Oregon, she saw JC Penny’s had a 72 piece set that was, like, half off or something ridiculous and she ended up buying us a set as a Christmas present!  Thanks again, mom!  As soon as they arrived, I had to bust them open and get to using them right away

They are somewhat plain, which I like, with the little “pearls” along the edge.  Wait, did I get more of my food in that shot than the actual dish?!? Lol, typical, right?  That is a new pasta dish I found a recipe for and it is legit!  A mixture of alfredo and marinara sauce, with some other ingredients.  Let me know if you want the recipe and I’ll email it to you.  Mmmm, it is good, even though it might look nasty in this picture, it really is delicious!

Christmas decorations–check.  Christmas tree–check.  Christmas gifts–almost checked off.  Next up, Christmas break!