I think it is official… I have popped!

Again, I think I look bigger than I actually am… maybe it’s because that tank top is one I was just wearing this summer and it more than covered my (then) flat stomach.  Now it might be stretched beyond repair!  Ha ha!  While Grant was away for Thanksgiving, I told him “I think I’ve grown more already.”  He wasn’t quite sure about it until he saw me–yup! Definitely bigger.  We finally took pictures and measured my waist for the first time (!!!)  Here are my stats so far:

Dec 8th: The beginning of week 23 (6 months already?!?!)

Waist size: 38″  I think I was somewhere around 28″ pre-Jebediah.  Total weight gain: 14lbs.  Not bad, I’d say!  But I know the baby will begin to grow quickly now and I’m sure I will too. 

My O.B. says with my size, I should gain about 25-30 lbs total. I think I’m on a good track so far.  I need to get back into exercising.  Pre-baby I was running about 3-3 1/2 miles 4-5 days a week.  My first trimester, this diminished very quickly because I was sooooo tired and naseus all the time.  Now that I’m in my second trimester, I have a lot more energy, but I could still sleep at any time during the day. Ha ha!  Last week I bought a Pilates During Pregnancy dvd to try to switch up my routine of walking on the treadmill a little bit.  Your question might be the same Grant’s was when I told him about it “You never did pilates before, why are you starting it now?!”  And to that I say, ya, I’m not doing it.  IT IS HARD!!!!  I just did the beginning section that focused on breathing, but it’s hard to breathe while you are also laying on your back with your legs in the air trying to touch your toes.  Are you kidding me?  Screw this!!!  I couldn’t do half the stuff the dvd was telling me to do, and I think I’m in pretty good shape.  I’ve heard a lot about prenatal yoga and maybe that is the way to go.  Anyway, I’m also eating pretty healthy.  One of the best things about this time of year is Clementines.  They are such a healthy, convenient snack and I could eat 10 of them in a day!  I’ve come to find Jebediah loves apples.  Everytime I eat one, by the time I’m halfway through, baby starts movin’ and a shakin’!!  It’s my go-to when I want to get Jebediah moving.  But most of the time, this baby is moving all on its own.  Usually right after I eat, but also first thing in the morning after I’ve hit the snooze button once and I’m halfway awake.  I roll over and adjust my position and so does this baby.  It’s a wonderfully strange feeling. 

There is a list of things I could complain about regarding being pregnant.  But all of that stuff goes out the window when I feel the little kicks and rolls of this wonderful baby!