My mom is here visiting from Oregon!  This is the 3rd year (out of the 4 we’ve been living in Vermont) she has come out for Thanksgiving.  She took the red eye, leaving Saturday night and getting here around 10 yesterday morning.  After showing her the changes we’ve made to the house the last time she was here (tearing the wall down in the basement, painting the baby’s room) we chatted and decided to eat some lunch. I thought for sure (and so did she!) that a nap would be a necessity for her to get through the day, but we ended up chatting some more at the kitchen table, then after 4 HOURS (!!!!!!) she said, “do you want to move to sit somewhere more comfortable?”  Yes, please!  I wasn’t really uncomfortable, we were just so caught up in conversation!  After 3 more hours of chatting, we were hungry again. So I made dinner and we watched tv.  We made it the whole day without a nap!!  I guess that’s what not seeing each other for almost a year will do to a mother and daughter!  Plus, now there’s baby talk added into the mix!

Grant’s away this WHOLE WEEK (UGH!!!!!!) with the men’s basketball team.  This will be the first we’ve been apart on this holiday since we’ve been married (side note: actually, when we were engaged, we were together on Thanksgiving) so this will be something new for the both of us.  I think we’ve been very fortunate to spend Thanksgiving together through 2 basketball seasons in Arkansas and 3 hockey seasons in Vermont, don’t you?  I promised Grant there would be plenty left over for him when he gets back, so he can still have some homecooked Thanksgiving goodness when he comes home.