Ok, so it’s been too long since my last post.  Let’s catch up, shall we?

Last Friday, I had an overnight babysitting gig.  Allison surprised her husband Dan with an overnight stay at a swanky hotel in Stowe for his birthday.  So I got to stay with the boys, Ben (10 yrs old?) and Cameron (7? 8?)  We started the night with a healthy dinner of bean and cheese burritos and cereal (Ben also had some left over pasta, which is just what I ate). Ben had a basketball scrimmage that night, so Cameron and I hung out and watched the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie–the newer, cartoon version, not the one that came out in the early 90s that I remember seeing.  We made popcorn, ate candy, and I surprisingly stayed awake throughout the whole thing!  I think Cameron was enjoying pointing out which scenes from the movie were also in his video game and explaining which bad guy came from which planet.  Cameron was also checking out my ever-growing belly.  At one point, he said “you’re pregnant, so there’s a baby in there?”  I said, “yup!” Then he looked at my belly a little more, then lightly hit it with the back of his hand.  I said, “you shouldn’t hit.  If you want to feel my belly, you have to be gentle.”  He just went about his business and didn’t bring it up again until later. When Ben got home, we watched a little more tv and once it was time for bed, I asked Ben if he usually showers at night or in the morning.  He said he showers in the morning and he proceeded to go upstairs to brush his teeth.  Cameron helped me clean up a little and by the time he was getting in bed, Ben was already in bed with the lights off (Nice!). Cameron asked me to read him a story, so I got to pick from his superhero collection of books and decided on a story about Batman and how he defeated Mr Freeze.  While turning the lights out, I said, “goodnight, Cameron.”  He said, “goodnight.  And goodnight baby.” 

Awwww!!!!!!!!!!  My heart melted, it was so sweet!  Again the boys surprised me the next morning with making me breakfast in bed!

Check out the menu!  I went with the Eggo waffles and syrup and a medium sized orange juice.  As I was being served, I noticed Ben was still wearing his basketball jearsy and shorts.  “Did you sleep in your clothes, Ben?”  He said, “ya, I was too tired to change last night.”  Great.  Then after everyone was showered and clean, Ben comes downstairs with some pajamas on!  So when Dan and Allison got home, they said, “you’re still in your pajamas?!”  I told them no and explained how he was in bed before I could even see what he had on the night before, assuming the kid would’ve put on some pajamas!  Lol.  It was actually a good gig and I was glad to help out Allison and Dan, and it sounds like the place they stayed was really nice and that they had a good time.  Besides, once our baby comes, we’ll be tapping them for babysitting favors, I’m sure! 

I also went over to Julie’s house to for dinner and to hang out.  She made some guacamole and I brought over some enchiladas.  Jada had a good time with the guac!

Yes, it was THAT good!