I can breathe!  Thank you, dear readers, for giving me your ideas on what I can use to clear this (pregnancy-induced) stuffy nose of mine.  I used Vick’s Vapor Rub just on the outside of my nose and right under it.  Even though I hate hate hate the smell of the stuff, it did work for a couple hours of blissful sleep…. But then 2 am would roll around and I’d wake up because I’d be breathing out of my mouth (ugh, I can’t stand that!) and my nose would be stuffy again.  I’d blow my nose as much as I could stand, re-apply the Vick’s, but then it wouldn’t kick in the same way it would when I would first put it on before falling asleep, and I’d be awake for 2 hours, sometimes contemplating whether I should just get up or not. Of course I went with the “not” and would manage another hour or so of sleep.  Arg.

Then yesterday I was at the grocery store and decided to look for the saline nasal spray a few of you suggested.  I found some and used it last night.  RELIEF!!!  2 sprays before bed and soundly I slept!  That is, of course, until Grant got home at 3:30 am from his road trip with the basketball team and he climbed into bed and tossed his leg on top of mine–which was completely welcomed, I should add, because he had been gone since Thursday and I missed him!  But I was able to fall back asleep and this morning, I spritzed two more times before leaving for work and I’ve been pretty clear all day!  Hooray for nose breathing!

Thank you all for your help and suggestions!  This soon-to-be-momma is very happy!