On Saturday, Grant had to work–the men’s basketball team had a game, but Sunday was his day off.  In addition to going to church and Grant raking the leaves in the backyard (thanks Grant), we painted Jebediah’s room!  I was pretty tired and hungry afterwards (painting takes a lot out of you!) but it turned out nice.  We picked a color from Lowes, called Leaf Bud, and as far as the rest of the decor goes, I think monkeys or some kind of baby jungle animals would be a good gender-neutral theme to go with (since we don’t know if little Jebediah will be a boy or girl).  What do you think of that theme?  Or, dear readers, what other gender neutral themes are good? 


p.s. That crib is one we got from a co-worker, whose son is now 4.  I still have to check to see if it’s legit/ up to code / safe to put our baby in (sorry, Amber, I didn’t check that before you and Tuesday came to visit. Good thing she wanted to sleep in the pack and play in the room with you instead, no?).  But it does make the room, formerly our office, look more and more like the baby’s room!!!