Being pregnant is great.  I know in a previous post, I talked about pregnancy side effects and how annoying they are.  And they still are–right now I’m dealing with the “I have to pee or I’m going to burst” but then get to the bathroom and hardly anything comes out side effect. But besides that stuff, I love it.  I love feeling little Jebediah move around, rubbing my round belly, and eating (cuz I’m usually always hungry).  Those of you who know me, know I love to eat regardless of being pregnant or not.  This morning, I ate a bagel for breakfast, then had a banana and then a yogurt as snacks ini the hours before lunch. I brought soup, crackers and an apple for lunch, but I am saving those for tomorrow because I got asked to lunch with two co-workers.  One of them, Dennis, has the wonderful position of campus dining services report to him and one of the perks of his job is getting a dining card.  He can go to any place on campus, and some places in the Burlington community to eat on the University’s dime.  So today, I joined him and Sue at one of the dining halls on campus–the buffet dining hall.  It’s always hard for me to go to buffets in the first place because my eyes are bigger than my stomach, so not only do I stuff myself, but I end up with food on my plate that gets wasted because I can’t finish it.  Our dining services is smart, though–No trays.  You can only take what you can carry.  Granted, you can go back as many times as you want, but it helps cut down on the waste that I would  students would create.  About an hour before we left to meet Dennis, Sue looked online to see what was being offered today.  As she was reading the selections out loud, I kept saying, “ooh that sounds good!” And “Yum!” “I think I’ll get that!” Then suddenly Jebediah kicked me!  I guess he/she was hungry too!

We went a little before noon to beat the lunch-time rush and in several trips I ate: a salad to start (loaded with tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, mushrooms, black olives, a little cheese and ranch dressing–mmm…oops, sorry…slobbered on the keyboard…), a cup of corn and cheese soup, half a grilled cheese sandwich (THE BEST grilled cheese I’ve had in I don’t know how long), 2 pickle slices, a small (yes, small) scoop of pasta with marinara sauce, a rice krispy square and a couple of fruit loops on the way out.  I wanted a whole bowl of fruit loops but Jebediah was telling me “no more, mom. you’re done.”  We had such a good time eating, and talking, we’ve decided to make it a once a month date.  Who could say no to a buffet? Not me!  Especially since I’m hungry all the time.  I already can’t wait for next month!