I am officially 17 weeks!  I can’t believe how quickly the time is flying by.  I mean, we are just about halfway done and soon we are going to have a kid.  A KID!!!  Some other little human being will be a part of our lives.  I can’t wait to meet this person, but how crazy is that?! 

Blog 214

So far, I have had a fairly easy pregnancy (thank you, Jebediah. Mommy appreciates that!)  My first trimester was just being nausous and tired–no throwing up–and bouts of “eating us out of house and home” (according to Grant) and not being able to eat at all.  Now that I’m in the second trimester, which all the books say is usually the best because your energy is back up, you don’t have any morning sickness, your sex drive goes into overdrive, your appetite goes back to normal, and it’s the time you really get to enjoy your pregnancy before you start feeling and looking huge.  My second trimester so far includes some of the above.  I feel like I shouldn’t complain about my pregnancy, since I’ve been wanting to experience this my whole life, and really, it’s gone so well–I feel very blessed.  BUT there are things about pregnancy you don’t read about or hear about until you’ve experienced them yourself.  This revelation begins my new segment about pregnancy “side effects.”  Being pregnant is your diagnosis and the side effects are all the little things that you experience along the way.  Morning sickness, for example, is a side effect of being pregnant.  Let’s begin, shall we?

A new side effect that started about 3 weeks ago for me and hasn’t stopped: The stuffy/runny nose.  Apparently, this starts around the 4th month because your mucous membranes are on hyper-production for the baby (I think to keep your juices flowing and keep your risk of infections and sickness down).  As beneficial as this sounds, it’s so annoying.  I’m constantly blowing my nose and have been having trouble sleeping because either one nostril is completely plugged, or they are both slightly plugged and when I try to breathe out of my nose, it’s noisy and makes a whistling sound.  Ugh!  Tell me: If you can sleep while breathing through your mouth, please give me tips on how I can accomplish this because I never can.  And yesterday, I noticed my left nostril is now bigger than my right.  What the ?!?!  I already have acne like a teenager (yet another side effect I never heard of) and now I have to have one big nostril?  Jebediah, let’s irradicate these problems, shall we?  Help me out here…we were off to such a nice start….