Amber and Tuesday made it safely (and on time!) to Vermont last week!  We had such a great time together, but of course, the time flew by way too fast.  I have to admit, I was worried our house was too cold for little Tuesday (and by little, I mean LITTLE…that baby is TINY!!!). Yes, we had the heat on, but still… and it was only in the 40s when they were here. Brrr. Amber found these cute little hats for Tuesday to sleep in to help keep her warm. With it tied under her chin, we both did the “I think it’s ok” test: ie–pulling and yanking on the back to see if it would come off in the middle of the night and possibly strangle the little one.  Passed with flying colors! And she kept it on part of the next morning!

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Later that day, we went to lunch and Amber helped me pick out some cute maternity clothes at Old Navy.  I have been hesitant to buy maternity clothes, even though I need a few key items very badly (pants, pants, bra, pants, shirts, pants). I was afraid of not finding anything cute, but Old Navy had a good selection!  And what did I buy? Shirts! And only one pair of pants. Let me tell you, yoga pants = comfy!!! We also went to the Hallmark store to try to find a baby book for Tuesday. Luckily we found one and had just enough time to stop at the food court to scarf down food before the mall closed.  What?! It’s 9:00 already?!  Where did the day go?

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The next day we made a trip to Montpelier to check out some of the famous Vermont foliage.  Except, we came across 2 problems: 1) we missed the Montpelier exit by about 10 miles because we were too busy talking.  Oops! “Wait, next exit 13 miles?! I think we’ve gone too far!” 2) We were about a week too late for the foliage; most of the leaves had already fallen off the trees! But we did arrive just in time for their cute little Saturday Market.  We took a quick look around and then got down to business: LUNCH! Side note: since being pregnant, where my next meal is coming from is pretty much always on my mind…

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Amber and Tuesday at the yarn stand (of course!)

Later that day, the Lloyd’s came over to watch the Notre Dame/USC football game and Jada and Tuesday had a chance to finally meet!  Actually, I should say, Amber and Julie had a chance to finally meet!  It was fun.

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Then on Sunday, we went for a walk on the bike path, which runs along Lake Champlain.  It was chilly out, but the sun was shining so it wasn’t too bad. Amber took a lot of pictures of both Tuesday, me, and the foliage (that was still on the trees!). We made it about 2 miles to the park at North Beach before turning around to go back. 4 miles total? Not bad!

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Poor Tuesday was also teething, with her two bottom ones popping through while they were here!  She loved chewing on this part of her stroller. When she wasn’t people watching or sleeping, we could find her easing the pain of her teeth and gums on this (even though she has countless teething toys, I think this is her favorite). 

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In between our trips out shopping, going to lunch, walks and everything else, we spent some quality time on the couch watching tv and chatting away, like we used to high school. I love, love, love that when we get together, it’s as if no time has passed since we last hung out, even though we average seeing each other twice a year, I think. Yes, our lives have changed, there are other people a part of us (Grant, Bj, Tuesday, soon Jebediah), but when we’re together, it’s as if time has stopped and we pick up right where we last left off. I think that is my favorite thing about our friendship (Oh, and the fact that if given the chance, we would sit on the couch and watch tv and eat snacks all day!)  Selfishly, I loved that when Amber mentioned my name, Tuesday would look at me, knowing who her mom was talking about.  I loved seeing them both, seeing how fast Tuesday has grown and how beautiful she is, and seeing Amber take on the tough (but rewarding) job of being a mom, and seeing how natural it is for her and I admire how good at it she is.  And of course it was tough saying goodbye on Monday  😦   Let’s just say, everyone else going through security must have known we don’t get to see each other that often. Once Amber started to cry, it was all over for me!  I have a great mental picture of it: me and Amber sobbing like kids, and Tuesday, with the biggest, toothless grin on her face (that little turd!).  Maybe she was trying to give us a reason to smile.  I admit, it worked–it didn’t make us stop crying, but it did make us laugh.  Man, time flies when you’re having fun, especially with a great friend!  See you again soon Amber and Tuesday!!

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p.s. I need one of those hats for my baby!!