Friday, Grant finally got what he’s been wishing for ever since we had our first fall season in our house.  The tree that would dump tons of leaves each fall has been removed.  This has been 3 years in the making, and it finally got taken care of.  It turns out the maintenance of having it trimmed every so often would cost more than just having it removed.  The tree has been there forever, the leaves that would cover our lawn were gorgeous, and it provided a lot of shade in our living room during the summer.

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But the raking we had to do so often, and cleaning out the gutters was ridiculous.  I guess that’s what you get living in Vermont…

So on Friday, the tree guy could only come when Grant and I were both at work.  This, of course, made me very nervous because neither of us would be able to watch this guy remove the tree and make sure the thing didn’t fall on our house. Grant kept telling me, “it’s ok, he’s insured.”  Honestly, that didn’t give me much comfort, but when I got home and saw that our house was still standing sans tree…

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I was more than relieved.  All that was left was this big pile of dirt because we had him remove the stump, too.

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You can see the tire tracks where his truck must’ve pulled up to load all that was left.  Besides making sure that our house didn’t get destroyed, it would’ve been cool to be there to take pictures of the whole process, and to see if any of the neighbors came around to shout obscenities at the tree guy.  Our friends, the Shepherds, had 2 trees removed from their front yard and people on bikes kept riding by calling them tree killers!  Geez!

This weekend, Grant filled in that big hole and is already planning to re-do the front lawn.  More home projects, here we come!