September 2009

On Sunday, Grant and I had the pleasure of babysitting Kijana for the day.  Julie went on a business trip and took Jada with her, and Kwame had an away soccer game.  We ate lunch…

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Then we played a couple games.  Since the weather was nice, Kijana and I went to the park that is around the corner from our house.  There was hardly anyone there when we got there, but slowly, people started coming with their kids.  Kijana and I were playing hide and seek and one other kid decided he wanted to play too.  As I was counting for them to hide, I was peeking (of course) so that I could keep my eye on Kijana.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the direction the other kid went, but didn’t see where he hid.  I found Kijana, then we went looking for the other kid.  Ummm…. where did he go?  He wasn’t where I thought he would be.  Soon his mom, who wasn’t paying attention to him either, started asking where he was.  I said “we were playing hide and seek, but now I can’t find him.”  She started yelling out his name, but not actually walking around looking for him.  Kijana and I were actually searching everywhere, when suddenly, the kid pops out of the porta-potty.  Nice hiding place, kid.

When we got back to the house, we decided to watch a movie and make popcorn

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But then Grant showed Kijana the wonderfulness that is “Duck Tales,” Gummy Bears,” and “Rescue Rangers.”  Did you know these are all on YouTube?  I ended up falling asleep while watching our cartoons, only to wake up to see Kijana asleep with the computer on his lap and his head on Grant’s shoulder, and Grant asleep with his head against Kijana’s.  MAN, I WISH I HAD MY CAMERA!!!  It was so cute because they were knocked out!  Soon, they both woke up and we played until dinner.  Playing consisted of Kijana seeing how fast he can walk on our treadmill and making music with my keyboard.  I wish I had some stuff he could have colored with or stuff for us to do crafts or something, but since we don’t have any kids, we don’t have any of that stuff at our house.  Oh well.  Dinner was tacos and rice.

“Kijana, does your mom put anything on your rice for you?”

“Yes, she puts brown sauce on it.”

Hmmm…brown sauce…???  “Brown sauce?”


What kind of brown sauce do we have that this kid would eat?  Oooh, we have teriyaki sauce…I’ll put that on there.  “Here, taste this and let me know what you think.”

“Mmmm, it’s good, but it needs a lot more on it.”

Alrighty!  Problem solved!  (Side note: Julie, I’m not sure if teriyaki is the brown sauce to which he was referring, but he ate it!)

Kwame came to pick him up shortly after we finished eating, and Kijana was very excited to see him!  I’d say the day was a success!

Yeah!!! Exactly one month until Amber & Co. arrives in Burlington!!!  Amber and I haven’t seen each other since January, when I went to Oregon to see two newborns: Tuesday and my niece, Avalee.  Amber and I talk on the phone, via email and ichat as much as possible, but all of these have posed problems at one time or another due to the time difference, and you know, her having a baby and all.  That tends to keep a person busy!

But I’m so excited to have her come, and I’m hoping the weather is decent (not raining or too cold).  And the leaves should be in primo-viewing form!!  It’s still up in the air whether Bj can come or not (because of work), but regardless, we are going to have a great time.  Even if it’s just us girls hanging out in front of the tv, which,incidentally,is where most of our bonding happened during high school.  All of my friends are different in their own fabulous way, and that’s why I love them. But Amber is the one who I can do absolutely nothing with and still have the best time.  How does that happen?  I have no idea, but it does, and I love it!

Can’t wait to see you, Amber!!

Friday, Grant finally got what he’s been wishing for ever since we had our first fall season in our house.  The tree that would dump tons of leaves each fall has been removed.  This has been 3 years in the making, and it finally got taken care of.  It turns out the maintenance of having it trimmed every so often would cost more than just having it removed.  The tree has been there forever, the leaves that would cover our lawn were gorgeous, and it provided a lot of shade in our living room during the summer.

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But the raking we had to do so often, and cleaning out the gutters was ridiculous.  I guess that’s what you get living in Vermont…

So on Friday, the tree guy could only come when Grant and I were both at work.  This, of course, made me very nervous because neither of us would be able to watch this guy remove the tree and make sure the thing didn’t fall on our house. Grant kept telling me, “it’s ok, he’s insured.”  Honestly, that didn’t give me much comfort, but when I got home and saw that our house was still standing sans tree…

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I was more than relieved.  All that was left was this big pile of dirt because we had him remove the stump, too.

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You can see the tire tracks where his truck must’ve pulled up to load all that was left.  Besides making sure that our house didn’t get destroyed, it would’ve been cool to be there to take pictures of the whole process, and to see if any of the neighbors came around to shout obscenities at the tree guy.  Our friends, the Shepherds, had 2 trees removed from their front yard and people on bikes kept riding by calling them tree killers!  Geez!

This weekend, Grant filled in that big hole and is already planning to re-do the front lawn.  More home projects, here we come!

Finally, a post!  Ugh.  It’s been forever, I know, and this one is going to be more of a narrative since I don’t have any lovely pictures to post (next time, I promise!).

This past weekend was a busy one!  And an extra good one, since Monday was a holiday! Friday night, Grant and I got our usual chinese food takeout and had a quiet evening watching tv… the perfect ending to a busy week!  Saturday was the first Saturday of the college football season, my favorite time of year!  I miss going to games so badly, but watching on tv with a bunch of snacks and friends is the next best thing.  We went over to a friend’s house to watch Western Michigan vs Michigan. This friend works in the athletic department, and her husband worked as the equipment guy at Western when Grant was there.  So we went over, ate ribs and watched Western get pounded, all while Grant was avoiding seeing the Notre Dame score.  When we got home, we watched the Notre Dame game we dvr’d and they won!  35-0.  It was a good day in the Wilson household!!  Grant stayed up late watching other games he taped, but I was tired so went to bed.

Sunday, we did church, as usual.  Then we just relaxed most of the day before Julie and the kids came over for dinner. Grant wanted catfish, I wanted spaghetti, so we just made it all: Catfish, cornbread, cabbage, spaghetti, ice cream sandwiches for dessert.  Kind of a weird mix of main courses, but it was delicious!

Monday, we met our friends Rashad, Trish, and Simone (their almost 1 yr old) for brunch.  It had been so long since we’d hung out together, it was great to catch up with them!  Grant had to work a few hours, so we couldn’t spend as much time with them as we would’ve liked, but we’re definitely going to hang out with them more often.  I hate losing touch with friends!  Especially ones that live close by and work at the same place!!! How ridiculous is that?!  No More!

So that was my long weekend in a nutshell!  I’m going to try to remember my camera next time I’m with friends, and to update my blog more often!  I’ve gotten in a non-writing rut that I’ve gotta climb out of.  Talk to you soon!!