It’s been a few days, and there’s nothing new to report on the Ceara front.  This week has been consumed with work.  We are hiring a new athletic trainer, so interviews are happening.  Monday and Tuesday evening, Grant and I had to take candidates to dinner; Wednesday Grant played in his basketball league… I haven’t gone to any games yet, but in the next couple weeks I will.  Work is going to start to pick up even more in the coming weeks, as a staff member just resigned yesterday and someone else will most likely get fired. So the current athletic trainer search won’t be the only search to happen this summer, I’m sure.  

The weather’s been good off and on, so on the good days I’ve been riding my bike to work.  I’ve been working hard on my hydrangeas, trying to keep them from further turning brown.  I was afraid it wasn’t getting enough sun (my Better Homes and Gardens magazine said they need at least 4 hrs every day) because the tree in front of our place ends up blocking a lot of the midday sun, but my mom (who knows the answer to everything you ask her) said it’s probably not getting enough water.  So I’ve been watering the hell out it–once in the morning before leaving for work and again in the evening when I get home, especially if it’s been hot out.  The flowers haven’t returned to their once lovely shade of pink and blue, but the leaves have become more green and there’s a couple new buds starting to grow. Hopefully there is some potential there.  My next set of hydrangeas I think I’ll plant in the back yard, where they can get plenty of sun and I will water profusely after I plant them.  

I’m not sure what the weekend has in store for us.  The weather here is supposed to be crappy on Saturday, with sun on Sunday.  If anything goes down, you know you’ll be the first to know about it here!