It took us exactly 14 hrs each way and we really only got lost trying to get through Montreal (I’d say that’s pretty good!) But we really should have brushed up on our French before leaving the house!  Apparently “west” is spelled “ouest” (or something like that) in French, so to take Aut-15 O means take Aut-15 West. North, East, West, and South should all start with the same letter in every country to minimize the confusion. And why didn’t anyone tell us that our GPS wouldn’t work in Canada?!  Thank goodness for a brand new atlas.  Ahhh, there’s nothing like a new atlas!

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We drove through Montreal, Toronto, and entered Michigan through Port Huron. This is the bridge between Canada and Michigan

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Our main mission on this trip was to get the inside of the Wilson’s house painted.  After 3 days of working about 7 hrs each day, we finished!  This room was our favorite

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Thank you for letting us paint over your wood windows and paneling, Mr and Mrs Wilson!!

Once we finished painting, we got to really take time to visit with family and friends, and eat at places that aren’t here in Vermont: Jimmy John’s (Grant’s favorite sandwich place that I like to call Johnny Johns), Arby’s, Popeye’s (mmmm! extra biscuits please!!!), and my favorite O’Charley’s!

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We were so glad to visit with Grant’s grandmother, who is so sweet.

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One of the other highlights of the trip was Grant’s Uncle Freddie taking us to his favorite Karaoke spot. “Are you going to get up there and sing, Ceara?”  Am I going to sing?!?!?

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I’ll sing by myself…when no one’s watching….

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…with Uncle Freddie

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And with some old guy who wanted to sing with me…

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The whole family got in on it…Chris…

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Vonetta…(she was really feelin’ it!)

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EVEN GRANT!!!!!!!  I’m glad I got a picture cuz I’ll probably never see this again (I hope I do, though!)  You can’t go wrong with Bon Jovi “Living on a Prayer”

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We had a great time!!

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One evening we went to Kalamazoo to visit Grant’s best friend, Matt and his wife Joye.  We had dinner with them, but of course I forgot to get a picture.  Arg.  On our drive back we stopped in Detroit to have lunch with Grant’s other friend, Dre, who brought his mom and son, Andre Jr with him.

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All in all, it was a nice vacation and a fun road trip!  

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