Ok, just a quick post. Who remembers this song and video??!  I haven’t seen it in years, then I heard the song (Speed Demon) and had to look it up.  It’s from a movie Moonwalker that he put out. Moonwalker was a montage of songs/short films, which include the songs Speed Demon, Smooth Criminal (where he saves the kids, turns into a car, and crushes a ball from a pool table…), Leave Me Alone (riding around an amusement park–this one used to always scare me a little), and Man in the Mirror (with scenes of kids in Africa, MLK Jr, Gandhi, etc) just to name a few.  I remember all of these things, but I didn’t remember it was all from one movie.  I used to watch it all the time!  Did anyone else see this?  

Here’s the Speed Demon Clip.  Enjoy!  I especially love the dance-off at the end.  

Awww, Michael was so cute!!