Happy Monday, everyone!  Since I can’t think of a title for today’s post, it is officially title-free!

A lot has happened since the last post, most notably Michael Jackson passing away. He was such a weird character these last 10-15 years, but his music and music videos were always on point.  His “Off the Wall” album might be my favorite of his.  So sad that he went the way he did, but it’s been great hearing his music being played again on the radio and seeing people all over the world in the streets dancing to his music.  Amazing how one person can be so influential and how music brings people together.

Then hearing yesterday that Billy Mays died?! Grant and I have been watching his show ‘Pitchmen’ each week on the Discovery channel and it’s really good.  It gives a closer look at how he is sought after to pitch people’s inventions and they show how he makes his infomercials.  Sad that he’s gone now too!

On to happier news, the last couple days Grant and I have been hanging out with Julie and the kids while Kwame was away.  We went over to her house on Thursday for dinner and to get the latest MJ news.  We also watched the kids play outside.

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Then on Saturday, we all met up at the Chew Chew Festival.  This event is on the waterfront and local restaurants set up tents so you can buy samples of their food.  Luckily they had some blow-up toys for Kijana to play on because after he ate his hot dog, he wasn’t interested in much else.

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It was a nice afternoon by the lake

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Jada was pretty content most of the time we were there, but every time I tried to snap a photo, she was mean-muggin’

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Sunday, Grant and I just took it easy, watched Seven Pounds with Will Smith.  Good movie; sad; makes you think.  

On Wednesday, we leave bright and early to drive out to Michigan to visit Grant’s family.  Road trip!  Stay tuned!