Yesterday (or each Wednesday on a consistent basis, for that matter) I didn’t post anything for hilarious hump day.  I think the internet is severely lacking in the funny video department, so for now, hilarious hump day is on hold.  If you have a funny video/photo/story, send it my way! I love seeing new things, especially things that make me laugh.  I’ll start hilarious hump day back up once I get enough material.

On to other things…do you know how much I love shoes?  Mmmmm….there’s nothing like a new pair of shoes, and usually for me, the higher the better.  Although I’m trying to not go so high anymore, especially after getting these 5′ heels that are so incredibly hot and delicious, but hard to walk in (no matter how much I practice at home, once I get out of the house, my legs get all wobbly!)  They have become my “sitting” shoes, ie: shoes to wear to church–or any other event where walking or standing isn’t necessary for a prolonged period of time. I hate denying them their right to be seen by all because I think they are the sexiest shoes I have, but I don’t know how else I can get used to walking in them.  I’m almost literally on my toes…

Blog 049

So in my efforts to downgrade (in heel height) a little bit, I have been looking at shoes online, as well as at Marshall’s.  We have a Marshall’s close by our house and they have one whole wall and several isles packed full of shoes.  One day I went over just to try on shoes for fun!  Online, I like  I haven’t bought anything from there yet, but I might have to, as these yummy shoes in both colors are calling my name…



EXCUSE ME!!! What a great pair of summer shoes!!!!!  Ugh!  There’s nothing like a T-strap cork bottom platform shoe! Ok, the heels aren’t as short as I eluded to going, but I should’ve been more specific.  It’s the skinny high heel that can be hard to maneuver in.  These, on the other hand, look plenty wide enough and I could totally rock these. And I like these too…


Wearing these for a night out on the town in a pair of skinny jeans (which I don’t own and don’t think I could ever wear–real women have curves, thank you very much!). Damn, again, these are a shoe with a 4 1/2” heel.  I just can’t win!!!  And I refuse to wear flats unless I’m in sneakers or flip flops. I’m only 5′ tall people, I need some height!  Ok, enough gushing over the shoes. Carry on!