We are back from San Antonio and we had a great time. This post will mostly be pictures, so be forewarned.  While Grant was at his convention attending sessions about athletic training stuff, I was sitting by the pool suntanning getting burnt. I laid out one day for only 3 hours, getting in and out of the pool, wearing sunscreen, flipping over, etc and still got a sunburn! I already have brown skin and it usually just gets browner the more I lay out, but the sun in Texas was not messin’ around!  In the evenings, we went out to eat and have cocktails and have a good time (these pictures are in no particular order)…

Me and Grant

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Stephanie (athletic trainer at Oregon–Go Ducks!) and Allison. The next few pictures are random…just trying on hats in a gift shop!

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That’s Grant holding a “brief”case.  Har har har!

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Ate at “Dicks”.  The restaurant where the staff gets paid to be mean and sarcastic to you and put these dumb hats on your head (hence the waiter behind Allison…)

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By the way, Crabby Balls is something from the menu…. it in no way is referencing the waiter… ha ha!

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Reunited and it feels so gooood!!!!

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Had fun at this place called Howl at the Moon.  A dueling piano bar.  Maybe we had too much fun…

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Allison’s feet were hurting by the end of the night, so Bobby let her wear his shoes and he walked around in his socks!

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The Alamo

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Definitely a good trip!