This weekend was dedicated to a little work around the house, some laundry, watching tv/movies.  Very low-key.  Grant and I watched A Few Good Men, which was on tv (love that movie!) and Adventures in Babysitting (one of Grant’s favorites–yup, one of his favorites!) But Saturday was the big day, as Grant went fishing for the first time!  Neal, another athletic trainer, invited him to go. So Grant got up early and headed out.  I admit I was a little nervous that Neal would be taking them out on a boat (Grant can’t swim–very well, at least) and so I was happy to see Grant home safe and sound after I pulled into the driveway after being out (trying on shoes!) Side note: Do you know where I got the title for today’s post? Sesame Street. There was a “skit” with Bert and Ernie (my brother and I loved this one) where they went fishing. Bert had his line hanging out of the boat they were in just waiting for a fish to bite. Ernie, on the other hand, didn’t need a pole, he would just call out “here fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy!” and a few fish would jump into the boat. Do you remember that one?  Well, I digress….Below are pictures Grant took (“Grant, please take the camera so I can put some pictures up on my blog! We have to document this occasion.”)  Grant didn’t catch anything, but I hear he is a master at casting out now!

Blog 109

Nice view!

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This one, not so much! Gross!

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Do you see that huge frog in the above picture?!  Blek!!!  Here’s Neal with his one catch (and throwback) of the day and more of my cute little Grant Wilson fishing

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Here are some other pictures: the ledge they were fishing at, and learning how to gut a fish.

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Glad he had a good time and is ready for that fish to tug on his line next time!