FINALLY! Here is the post I’ve been wanting to put up for a while (pictures included).  So, a quick re-cap! A couple weeks ago was the Vermont City Marathon. Grant was volunteering in the medical tent, and I came towards the 4 hour mark to see people crossing the finish line in hopes of seeing my boss, Jon, who ran half. Turns out, I missed him, but I saw another woman from work and a friend of a friend cross the finish line. It gave me the idea that maybe I could run a marathon one day. ME! The woman who vowed that the only running that is necessary is if someone is chasing you. And I stuck to this philosophy until I stopped taking dance lessons regularly and started packing on the pounds! Those suckers sneak up quick. But I’m thinking that if I do, I should start running half (15 mi) then move up to a full one if I don’t collapse at the end of the half, which could very well happen, by the way!

Blog 099

Hey if that big dude ran it, I could too, right? We’ll see….

Then I started planting flowers in front of the house the other week.  Mmmmm….Hydrangeas!  I love these flowers.

Blog 100

Puny, I know.  I can’t wait till it’s bigger and I can cut the flowers to bring into the house. 

On Thursday, Grant’s unit had a farewell bbq for 3 of their staff members who, unfortunately, got notified that they will be losing their jobs. One has already left and started another job, but the other 2 will be done at the end of the month.  Even though it was sad the reason for having the get-together, it was pretty fun. We played whiffle ball and the weather was great.

Blog 101

You can’t see it in this photo, but Grant is behind the pitcher (Mike) talking on his cell phone (to the parent of a student athlete). But it was funny because we kept screaming at him “C’mon Grant, look alive! Let’s go, Grant.  Get off the phone, Grant. Come on!! We’re playing a game here!!”  

I took Friday off from work, to get a much needed rest. I just got wiped out from our accreditation visit and preparation last week.  Besides, Grant and I planned to take a drive to Montpelier to apply for our enhanced driver’s licenses.  We are driving out to Michigan via Canada to visit his family the beginning of July and these things are only available right now in the Montpelier DMV. We planned for a week, got all of our paperwork together and hit the road.

Blog 103

After we got there, the woman at the counter said that since I just had a copy of my birth certificate, that was not good enough…they needed the original.  UGH!!!  SIGH!!! “Are you sure? You’re just going to make a copy of it anyway….”  They didn’t fall for that.  But Grant had all his stuff in order, so at least he was able to get his.  Turns out I would’ve also needed our marriage license, which was never stated in any of the paperwork thank you very much, so it turns out I wasn’t as prepared as I thought I was!  After asking my mom to search her house for my birth certificate and overnight it to me, her not finding it (but she found hers…good for her but it’s no help to me), and me having to go online to have the state of Oregon send it to me, I’m sure I’ll get everything I need to be able to take another quick trip to the DMV 30 miles away. Arg. But on the good side, we got to see the state capitol, which we hadn’t visited since we moved here.  It’s quite the cute, quant town.  Would never be able to live there, but it’s cute.  Here’s the capital building:

Blog 102

Once we got back home, we took a nap, watched some tv, then headed downtown where the annual jazz festival was going on.  Church Street was packed with people and they had about 3 stages set up at different parts of the street with live entertainment.  It was good to just walk around and see what was going on: Jazz music, reggae, R&B, breakdancers.  Lots to see:

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That’s all for now. I’ll try to have a video for Hilarious Hump Day this week!  Holla!