June 2009

Ok, just a quick post. Who remembers this song and video??!  I haven’t seen it in years, then I heard the song (Speed Demon) and had to look it up.  It’s from a movie Moonwalker that he put out. Moonwalker was a montage of songs/short films, which include the songs Speed Demon, Smooth Criminal (where he saves the kids, turns into a car, and crushes a ball from a pool table…), Leave Me Alone (riding around an amusement park–this one used to always scare me a little), and Man in the Mirror (with scenes of kids in Africa, MLK Jr, Gandhi, etc) just to name a few.  I remember all of these things, but I didn’t remember it was all from one movie.  I used to watch it all the time!  Did anyone else see this?  

Here’s the Speed Demon Clip.  Enjoy!  I especially love the dance-off at the end.  

Awww, Michael was so cute!!

Happy Monday, everyone!  Since I can’t think of a title for today’s post, it is officially title-free!

A lot has happened since the last post, most notably Michael Jackson passing away. He was such a weird character these last 10-15 years, but his music and music videos were always on point.  His “Off the Wall” album might be my favorite of his.  So sad that he went the way he did, but it’s been great hearing his music being played again on the radio and seeing people all over the world in the streets dancing to his music.  Amazing how one person can be so influential and how music brings people together.

Then hearing yesterday that Billy Mays died?! Grant and I have been watching his show ‘Pitchmen’ each week on the Discovery channel and it’s really good.  It gives a closer look at how he is sought after to pitch people’s inventions and they show how he makes his infomercials.  Sad that he’s gone now too!

On to happier news, the last couple days Grant and I have been hanging out with Julie and the kids while Kwame was away.  We went over to her house on Thursday for dinner and to get the latest MJ news.  We also watched the kids play outside.

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Then on Saturday, we all met up at the Chew Chew Festival.  This event is on the waterfront and local restaurants set up tents so you can buy samples of their food.  Luckily they had some blow-up toys for Kijana to play on because after he ate his hot dog, he wasn’t interested in much else.

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It was a nice afternoon by the lake

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Jada was pretty content most of the time we were there, but every time I tried to snap a photo, she was mean-muggin’

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Sunday, Grant and I just took it easy, watched Seven Pounds with Will Smith.  Good movie; sad; makes you think.  

On Wednesday, we leave bright and early to drive out to Michigan to visit Grant’s family.  Road trip!  Stay tuned!

Yesterday (or each Wednesday on a consistent basis, for that matter) I didn’t post anything for hilarious hump day.  I think the internet is severely lacking in the funny video department, so for now, hilarious hump day is on hold.  If you have a funny video/photo/story, send it my way! I love seeing new things, especially things that make me laugh.  I’ll start hilarious hump day back up once I get enough material.

On to other things…do you know how much I love shoes?  Mmmmm….there’s nothing like a new pair of shoes, and usually for me, the higher the better.  Although I’m trying to not go so high anymore, especially after getting these 5′ heels that are so incredibly hot and delicious, but hard to walk in (no matter how much I practice at home, once I get out of the house, my legs get all wobbly!)  They have become my “sitting” shoes, ie: shoes to wear to church–or any other event where walking or standing isn’t necessary for a prolonged period of time. I hate denying them their right to be seen by all because I think they are the sexiest shoes I have, but I don’t know how else I can get used to walking in them.  I’m almost literally on my toes…

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So in my efforts to downgrade (in heel height) a little bit, I have been looking at shoes online, as well as at Marshall’s.  We have a Marshall’s close by our house and they have one whole wall and several isles packed full of shoes.  One day I went over just to try on shoes for fun!  Online, I like Zappos.com.  I haven’t bought anything from there yet, but I might have to, as these yummy shoes in both colors are calling my name…



EXCUSE ME!!! What a great pair of summer shoes!!!!!  Ugh!  There’s nothing like a T-strap cork bottom platform shoe! Ok, the heels aren’t as short as I eluded to going, but I should’ve been more specific.  It’s the skinny high heel that can be hard to maneuver in.  These, on the other hand, look plenty wide enough and I could totally rock these. And I like these too…


Wearing these for a night out on the town in a pair of skinny jeans (which I don’t own and don’t think I could ever wear–real women have curves, thank you very much!). Damn, again, these are a shoe with a 4 1/2” heel.  I just can’t win!!!  And I refuse to wear flats unless I’m in sneakers or flip flops. I’m only 5′ tall people, I need some height!  Ok, enough gushing over the shoes. Carry on!

We are back from San Antonio and we had a great time. This post will mostly be pictures, so be forewarned.  While Grant was at his convention attending sessions about athletic training stuff, I was sitting by the pool suntanning getting burnt. I laid out one day for only 3 hours, getting in and out of the pool, wearing sunscreen, flipping over, etc and still got a sunburn! I already have brown skin and it usually just gets browner the more I lay out, but the sun in Texas was not messin’ around!  In the evenings, we went out to eat and have cocktails and have a good time (these pictures are in no particular order)…

Me and Grant

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Stephanie (athletic trainer at Oregon–Go Ducks!) and Allison. The next few pictures are random…just trying on hats in a gift shop!

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Blog 118

That’s Grant holding a “brief”case.  Har har har!

Blog 122

Ate at “Dicks”.  The restaurant where the staff gets paid to be mean and sarcastic to you and put these dumb hats on your head (hence the waiter behind Allison…)

Blog 123

By the way, Crabby Balls is something from the menu…. it in no way is referencing the waiter… ha ha!

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Reunited and it feels so gooood!!!!

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Had fun at this place called Howl at the Moon.  A dueling piano bar.  Maybe we had too much fun…

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Allison’s feet were hurting by the end of the night, so Bobby let her wear his shoes and he walked around in his socks!

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The Alamo

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Definitely a good trip!

This weekend was dedicated to a little work around the house, some laundry, watching tv/movies.  Very low-key.  Grant and I watched A Few Good Men, which was on tv (love that movie!) and Adventures in Babysitting (one of Grant’s favorites–yup, one of his favorites!) But Saturday was the big day, as Grant went fishing for the first time!  Neal, another athletic trainer, invited him to go. So Grant got up early and headed out.  I admit I was a little nervous that Neal would be taking them out on a boat (Grant can’t swim–very well, at least) and so I was happy to see Grant home safe and sound after I pulled into the driveway after being out (trying on shoes!) Side note: Do you know where I got the title for today’s post? Sesame Street. There was a “skit” with Bert and Ernie (my brother and I loved this one) where they went fishing. Bert had his line hanging out of the boat they were in just waiting for a fish to bite. Ernie, on the other hand, didn’t need a pole, he would just call out “here fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy!” and a few fish would jump into the boat. Do you remember that one?  Well, I digress….Below are pictures Grant took (“Grant, please take the camera so I can put some pictures up on my blog! We have to document this occasion.”)  Grant didn’t catch anything, but I hear he is a master at casting out now!

Blog 109

Nice view!

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This one, not so much! Gross!

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Do you see that huge frog in the above picture?!  Blek!!!  Here’s Neal with his one catch (and throwback) of the day and more of my cute little Grant Wilson fishing

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Here are some other pictures: the ledge they were fishing at, and learning how to gut a fish.

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Glad he had a good time and is ready for that fish to tug on his line next time!

Ok, so it’s Thursday, but I have a good one.  Especially for you fellow Office fans


Can you tell I love this show? I don’t know how I would get through my Thursdays without it.

FINALLY! Here is the post I’ve been wanting to put up for a while (pictures included).  So, a quick re-cap! A couple weeks ago was the Vermont City Marathon. Grant was volunteering in the medical tent, and I came towards the 4 hour mark to see people crossing the finish line in hopes of seeing my boss, Jon, who ran half. Turns out, I missed him, but I saw another woman from work and a friend of a friend cross the finish line. It gave me the idea that maybe I could run a marathon one day. ME! The woman who vowed that the only running that is necessary is if someone is chasing you. And I stuck to this philosophy until I stopped taking dance lessons regularly and started packing on the pounds! Those suckers sneak up quick. But I’m thinking that if I do, I should start running half (15 mi) then move up to a full one if I don’t collapse at the end of the half, which could very well happen, by the way!

Blog 099

Hey if that big dude ran it, I could too, right? We’ll see….

Then I started planting flowers in front of the house the other week.  Mmmmm….Hydrangeas!  I love these flowers.

Blog 100

Puny, I know.  I can’t wait till it’s bigger and I can cut the flowers to bring into the house. 

On Thursday, Grant’s unit had a farewell bbq for 3 of their staff members who, unfortunately, got notified that they will be losing their jobs. One has already left and started another job, but the other 2 will be done at the end of the month.  Even though it was sad the reason for having the get-together, it was pretty fun. We played whiffle ball and the weather was great.

Blog 101

You can’t see it in this photo, but Grant is behind the pitcher (Mike) talking on his cell phone (to the parent of a student athlete). But it was funny because we kept screaming at him “C’mon Grant, look alive! Let’s go, Grant.  Get off the phone, Grant. Come on!! We’re playing a game here!!”  

I took Friday off from work, to get a much needed rest. I just got wiped out from our accreditation visit and preparation last week.  Besides, Grant and I planned to take a drive to Montpelier to apply for our enhanced driver’s licenses.  We are driving out to Michigan via Canada to visit his family the beginning of July and these things are only available right now in the Montpelier DMV. We planned for a week, got all of our paperwork together and hit the road.

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After we got there, the woman at the counter said that since I just had a copy of my birth certificate, that was not good enough…they needed the original.  UGH!!!  SIGH!!! “Are you sure? You’re just going to make a copy of it anyway….”  They didn’t fall for that.  But Grant had all his stuff in order, so at least he was able to get his.  Turns out I would’ve also needed our marriage license, which was never stated in any of the paperwork thank you very much, so it turns out I wasn’t as prepared as I thought I was!  After asking my mom to search her house for my birth certificate and overnight it to me, her not finding it (but she found hers…good for her but it’s no help to me), and me having to go online to have the state of Oregon send it to me, I’m sure I’ll get everything I need to be able to take another quick trip to the DMV 30 miles away. Arg. But on the good side, we got to see the state capitol, which we hadn’t visited since we moved here.  It’s quite the cute, quant town.  Would never be able to live there, but it’s cute.  Here’s the capital building:

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Once we got back home, we took a nap, watched some tv, then headed downtown where the annual jazz festival was going on.  Church Street was packed with people and they had about 3 stages set up at different parts of the street with live entertainment.  It was good to just walk around and see what was going on: Jazz music, reggae, R&B, breakdancers.  Lots to see:

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That’s all for now. I’ll try to have a video for Hilarious Hump Day this week!  Holla!

(Expletive!!) It’s been forever since I’ve blogged.  This is something I usually do on my lunch hour at work or at home in the evenings and weekends.  But I have been so busy at work, that I’ve been working straight through lunch or just not having any energy for blogging once I get home in the evenings.  But the exhaustion is about to be over!!  At work, my department is going through its reaccreditation process. This happens every 3 years, and it’s the first I’m participating in and the first with Jon as the Director (my boss).  So needless to say, it’s been very busy the last month and a half having to completely re-do/update our policies and procedures, getting our fire inspections done, tracking down annual reports, etc etc etc. Yes, it’s been crazy.  After tomorrow, all will be back to normal in my world because the accreditors will be gone and our work will be done!!!!  I’m especially looking forward to my next vacation–San Antonio with Grant.  It is his annual athletic trainers conference and I’m going just to tag along.  I can’t wait…roof-top pool, authentic mexican food, sun….It will be great. We are leaving exactly two weeks from tomorrow and I’m excited for the break.

I’ve got pictures to post from the past two weeks or so and I will try to do that tomorrow.  Things that have been going on: The Vermont City Marathon (no, I didn’t run it…just watched folks cross the finish line), I planted some flowers in front of the house, had a weird conversation.  Yes, a weird conversation with one of my co-workers.  I was leaving a presentation at work, and while walking with her, it all went down like this:

Her: I have to make a stop at the campus mail place.  I’m sending this framed picture of my son. (shows me the photo)
Me: Oh! What a cutie! Big cheeks and big blue eyes!
Her: Ya, he’s finally sleeping 8 hrs a night
Me: Woo hoo!

A little later in our conversation, after talking about our plans for the summer and her discussing how she and her husband are renovating their house–
Her: Can I ask you a really forward question?
Me: Sure
Her: Are you pregnant?
Me: (one eyebrow up) No. Do I look pregnant?!
Her: No. I just sensed this about you. You have this aura. 
Me: Nope, not pregnant.  Not unless you know something about me that I don’t!
Her: Lol, no.  I was just wondering.

Me thinking to myself: I’m never wearing this shirt ever again.