On Saturday, Grant and I went to see Cameron Shepherd (Allison’s youngest) at his first communion.  It was cute to see all the kids going through the ceremony and I was glad we were sitting with the Shepherds because since we aren’t Catholic, we didn’t really know what to do during the Mass.  But we just did what everyone else did and we were fine.  Afterward we went to one of their friend’s house to celebrate.  Here are the men of the hour:

BlogThis picture shows Cameron’s true personality (he’s the one on the left). A little crazy and funny in front of the camera, while his friend, Mike is totally calm and collected.  After we ate lunch, most of us went downstairs into their basement, which is a huge game room…pool table, air hockey, ping pong, Wii, and the Shepherd’s brought their bean bag game.  All of these I pretty much am not very good at (I was getting better at pool the more we played) but the air hockey turned out to be my forte.  I beat everyone!  It was so much fun we all lost track of time and ended up not leaving until almost 9:00!!!  It was a good day to be inside, though.  It was pouring rain and thundering all afternoon.  Here are some more pictures of the day 

me&allisonAllison and me

me&grantGrant and me

Some couldn’t handle all the fun

jadaAfter killin’ everyone at air hockey, I think I killed my arm! It is so sore and is hurting pretty bad, but I gotta say, it was worth it. We had such a good time on Saturday, we didn’t do much on Sunday. Went to church, sat around the house, then the Lloyd’s came over for dinner. That was a nice low-key event. All in all, it was a great weekend!