Crabs to eat, that is!  On Friday, we went over to the Lloyds for dinner, and earlier that evening, Julie sent Kwame to Costco.  Turns out, that’s not always a good thing because he came home with a bunch of stuff (which, frankly, doesn’t that happen to all of us? You go to Costco to pick up 2 things and you come out with a whole basket full of stuff you really didn’t need to buy…).  But I have to say that in this case, I think we were all quite pleased with what he came home with: Crab legs, bacon wrapped scallops, shrimp, salad.  YUM!!!!  Julie, you make a mean crab leg! We all sat around the kitchen and went to work!  




After we stuffed ourselves, we hung out to play with the kids




Kijana showed me his new flip flops



But my favorite look of the day was Jada’s hair. Wild child!!! Love it!





We had so much fun! Saturday, the weather was in the 80s.  It was beautiful out!  I sang the anthem at the women’s lacrosse game, then did a little shopping.  I was in desperate need for new shorts for the summer, and after trying on 15 pair, I finally found some that fit.  It makes me nuts that clothing companies make clothes that are huge in the waist, then small in the leg.  Who is built like that?!  Let’s make clothes that fit a woman’s figure, shall we?  Smaller in the waist, a little bigger in the hips, then not teeny-tiny in the thigh—I mean, give a girl some room!  Ugh.  Later that night, Grant and I went down to Church Street to walk around, got some ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s and did a little people-watching and some more walking.  It was a wonderful night because there were still a lot of people out and it was still warm. We got there around 9 pm and it was still in the mid 70s.  Yesterday, the weather was cloudy and kind of yucky so we stayed in and watched tv and napped.  My favorite kind of Sunday activities!