So only a couple things got accomplished this weekend due to the fact that I was somewhat “out of commission.”  I think I may have eaten something that really upset my stomach because I was in the bathroom (what seemed like) most of the weekend.  I did get to sleep in, which was what I really wanted to get accomplished, so that got checked off my list.  Unfortunately, I had to miss bowling.  I still haven’t talked to Julie to see how it went, but hopefully she had a good time (sorry I had to bail on you, Julie!!!)  By the evening, I was feeling better, so we went to Ryan’s birthday party.  A nice, low-key gathering.  But that later that night, I wasn’t feeling well again, and was kind of glad we left when we did because as soon as we got home, I was sick again.  Not my way of spending a Saturday night!  By Sunday, I was feeling better, but was still weary of what to eat.  By the afternoon, I felt back to normal and Grant and I went to the mall to do a little shopping.  Grant got almost a whole new wardrobe because most of his other clothes haven’t been fitting him since he keeps losing weight…I tell him he better stop because people are going to think I quit feeding him!  I got a couple things for myself and we called it a day. All in all, that was my weekend.  Not the best one ever, but I was able to do a couple things.  Oh well. There’s another one coming up in 5 days. That one will be better!