Since my birthday landed on a weekday this year, Grant took me out for a night on the town on Saturday.  We met up with Julie and Kwame for a late dinner, cocktails, and hopefully dancing.  We were going to eat at this place called Three Tomatoes, a place Julie raves about but we’d never been, at 8 o’clock, figuring we would beat the dinner crowds and find a place to dance the night away shortly thereafter.  Well, at 8 o’clock, there was a 45 min wait for a table.  45 minutes!! And we were all starving, so we thought it best to go have a drink (of course!) while we waited. We went to this cute little place called the 1/2 Lounge. We went back to the restaurant when our table was ready and now I know why Julie likes it so much!  It was yummy!  It’s Italian food, so how can you beat it?  On the way to find our next event, we stopped in at the Church Street Tavern to find out the score of the UVM men’s hockey game.  They were tied, 2nd overtime, awaiting the ruling on a possible goal UVM had made…if the puck went in, we score and win and go on to the Frozen Four. If not, the game resumes and they keep playing till someone scores.  The place was packed and we stood next to some girls from the women’s hockey team who had been there all night watching the game.  The refs came out from reviewing the play for about 5 minutes….GOAL! UVM wins!  The place went crazy!!!  It will be the first time UVM has gone to the Frozen Four, so that’s pretty exciting. Anyway, then we moved onto the Red Square, a bar that had a live band.



We were having a good time and eventually hopped over to one other place, before seeing that, sadly, no place had a Dj that we could dance to, so we all went home. It was a fun night celebrating my birthday.  Next year, we gotta find a place to go dancing!