I know it’s Hilarious Hump Day, but I don’t have any video for today.  Send me your favorite funny video and I’ll post it.

Not only is it Hilarious Hump Day, but it’s my birthday!  My co-workers brought in donuts, bagels, cheesecake and ice cream.  So basically I’ll be on a sugar high all day.  Tonight I’m making spaghetti for dinner (my favorite).  This weekend, Grant and I might go out with Allison and Dan to celebrate both my birthday and Grant’s.  Allison has been traveling (she’s the head athletic trainer at UVM), and she is finally home this weekend after being away a lot recently and she wants to take us out. 

My mom always asks me the same question every year on my birthday: “So, do you feel ____ (however years old I was turning) ?”  Some birthdays I did, like the extremely significant ones (16, 18, 21).  It doesn’t quite feel like my birthday yet because time just seems to be flying by. I can’t believe my age sometimes–I still feel like I’m in my early 20s.  Geez, I’m not in my early 20s anymore…when did that all happen??  Time really does fly when you’re having fun.  I may not feel 28, but I do know that this will be a great year.  God has truly blessed me in my life: I have a good job, I have the most wonderful man to share my life with, I have great family and friends, and I’ve never been more confident and comfortable in my own skin.  Yup, 28 is going to be a fabulous year!