This is the post I have been so anxious to talk about for weeks now.  But first, let me just say that singing on Friday went great!  The crowd was into it, I wasn’t that nervous, and just felt blessed to be able to sing that night.  Our team gave up a 3-1 lead to lose in overtime, but otherwise it was a great night! And once we figure out how to upload the video to youtube, I’ll post it!

Today is Grant’s 30th birthday and I wanted to celebrate the occasionwitha surprise birthday party on Saturday.  This was the hardest secret to keep, but totally worth seeing his face walking in the door.  Last week, I would run errands on my lunch breaks to buy some decorations and the cake, wine, and 7 layer dip (umm, YUM!) and I was keeping them in the trunk of my car (don’t worry, it was cold enough to keep the dip in my trunk overnight instead of in the ‘fridge). Kwamedid me a huge favor and got him out of the house for me Saturday afternoon to go see a movie (Note: Word of mouth is that the movie “Watchmen” is horrible).  I quickly cleaned, cooked, and got help from Julie decorating.  People starting coming and everyone asked the same question, “so does he have any idea?”  My response, “He better not!!”  Kwamecalled me as he was coming to our house, everyone hid, and we heard Grant opening the door. Note: One of the decorations was a piece of paper that had Grant’s name and birthday on it, along with an old picture of him that was put on the outside of the front door so not only guests, but Grant saw it on the way in….Ok, so Grant walks in the door, yells, “CEARA!!” in a tone that seemed like he was mad at me, then everyone popped out and yelled “SURPRISE!!” His face was priceless…jaw dropped open, eyes looking like “what are all these people doing here?!”  It was great. Then he looked back at Kwame, knowing he helped set him up


You can see the paper that he tore off the door in Grant’s hand. Lol. The guy at the far left is our boss, my direct supervisor, Jon.  Later that night, Grant said he was the first person he saw and then thought, “what the heck is Jon doing here?!” Anyway, Grant was such a good sport!


A lot of our friends were there


Dave, Ryan, Amy (friends from church)


Grant, me, Christine and her girlfriend Emily. Emily is the assistant women’s hockey coach at UVM.


And surely you know Kijana!  The cake I bought was from Costco.  All chocolate, 5 layers, AMAZING!!!  So good!  Highly recommended for the chocolate lover in your family!


One of the gifts he got was from Jon.  A random t-shirt. But if you knew Jon, you would laugh because it’s just his kind of humor



Holy Biceps, Batman!!


It was great!! Happy Birthday, my little Grant Wilson!