This morning was your typical Monday morning…freezing cold and windy out, not wanting to get out of bed…

Then while I work I get this email from UVMs marketing and promotions assistant:

Good Morning Ceara, I was wondering if you wanted to sing the Anthem for the first playoff game for men’s ice hockey on Friday, March 13 (now that it is official we are hosting). I think the game will be at 7:05, but could change. This was handed down to me from the higher ups, so congrats on being selected to sing!
Let me know if that works out for you. Thanks. 


Whoa!  You’ve just made my day! And am I willing to sing?!? Uhh…YA!!! And for those of you not living anywhere near Vermont and are like how I was when we first moved here (“hockey? who cares about hockey? and where is your football team???!?!!?)  UVMs Men’s Hockey is huge, so being asked to sing at the playoff game is quite an honor.  Listen to me now, but on the 13th I’ll be ready to vomit because I’ll be so nervous.  I always wonder why I like this whole singing thing…I always want to do it, and feel good once I’m done, but right before (and sometime during) I wonder what the hell I’d just gotten myself in to. It’s a whole roller coaster  of nerves and excitedness (yes, I just made up that word) but then I turn around and do it all over again whenever the chance comes.  I’m crazy? Maybe. Maybe not…


singer  ~ Ceara