March 2009

Since my birthday landed on a weekday this year, Grant took me out for a night on the town on Saturday.  We met up with Julie and Kwame for a late dinner, cocktails, and hopefully dancing.  We were going to eat at this place called Three Tomatoes, a place Julie raves about but we’d never been, at 8 o’clock, figuring we would beat the dinner crowds and find a place to dance the night away shortly thereafter.  Well, at 8 o’clock, there was a 45 min wait for a table.  45 minutes!! And we were all starving, so we thought it best to go have a drink (of course!) while we waited. We went to this cute little place called the 1/2 Lounge. We went back to the restaurant when our table was ready and now I know why Julie likes it so much!  It was yummy!  It’s Italian food, so how can you beat it?  On the way to find our next event, we stopped in at the Church Street Tavern to find out the score of the UVM men’s hockey game.  They were tied, 2nd overtime, awaiting the ruling on a possible goal UVM had made…if the puck went in, we score and win and go on to the Frozen Four. If not, the game resumes and they keep playing till someone scores.  The place was packed and we stood next to some girls from the women’s hockey team who had been there all night watching the game.  The refs came out from reviewing the play for about 5 minutes….GOAL! UVM wins!  The place went crazy!!!  It will be the first time UVM has gone to the Frozen Four, so that’s pretty exciting. Anyway, then we moved onto the Red Square, a bar that had a live band.



We were having a good time and eventually hopped over to one other place, before seeing that, sadly, no place had a Dj that we could dance to, so we all went home. It was a fun night celebrating my birthday.  Next year, we gotta find a place to go dancing!

I know it’s Hilarious Hump Day, but I don’t have any video for today.  Send me your favorite funny video and I’ll post it.

Not only is it Hilarious Hump Day, but it’s my birthday!  My co-workers brought in donuts, bagels, cheesecake and ice cream.  So basically I’ll be on a sugar high all day.  Tonight I’m making spaghetti for dinner (my favorite).  This weekend, Grant and I might go out with Allison and Dan to celebrate both my birthday and Grant’s.  Allison has been traveling (she’s the head athletic trainer at UVM), and she is finally home this weekend after being away a lot recently and she wants to take us out. 

My mom always asks me the same question every year on my birthday: “So, do you feel ____ (however years old I was turning) ?”  Some birthdays I did, like the extremely significant ones (16, 18, 21).  It doesn’t quite feel like my birthday yet because time just seems to be flying by. I can’t believe my age sometimes–I still feel like I’m in my early 20s.  Geez, I’m not in my early 20s anymore…when did that all happen??  Time really does fly when you’re having fun.  I may not feel 28, but I do know that this will be a great year.  God has truly blessed me in my life: I have a good job, I have the most wonderful man to share my life with, I have great family and friends, and I’ve never been more confident and comfortable in my own skin.  Yup, 28 is going to be a fabulous year! 


I have now crossed the line and have completely gone viral…Thanks to Grant, I am now on youtube!  Check me out  🙂  These are 2 performances in one video. The first at a women’s basketball game, the other at the hockey game.

I love getting real mail in the mail…real mail classifies as my newest edition of In Style or Better Homes and Gardens magazine, an unexpected check for accidently overpaying the remaining balance on a credit card, birthday/Christmas cards and announcements from loved ones.  This week I got my Better Homes and Gardens, one of those checks and 2 different announcements!!  The first came from my longtime friend, Urmila, whom I’ve known since first grade.  She is getting married this summer!  The other came just yesterday…


The birth announcement of Miss Tuesday Lee Garrison.  This picture just makes my day! Her happy smile and her little monkey outfit?  SO CUTE!! 

No birthday cards yet (wink wink), but it’s still early.  I’ll keep my eyes out for more real mail!

Nothing hilarious here, just pure awsomeness!!!

So, I love American Idol.  This and So You Think You Can Dance are the shows I get my “reality show” fix from. But this guy, Adam, is just amazing. Vocally brilliant.  I didn’t really like him at first because I thought all he did was scream when he sang, but after this strange, yet oddly cool rendition of this Johnny Cash song, I really like him.  Grant thinks he looks just one of the characters from the game Rockband and I have to admit, I totally agree!!  But mark it down: It will be him, Allison (the red-headed 16 yr old) and Danny Gokie in the final 3. At least, that’s my guess.  Do you watch this show? Who is your favorite?

This is the post I have been so anxious to talk about for weeks now.  But first, let me just say that singing on Friday went great!  The crowd was into it, I wasn’t that nervous, and just felt blessed to be able to sing that night.  Our team gave up a 3-1 lead to lose in overtime, but otherwise it was a great night! And once we figure out how to upload the video to youtube, I’ll post it!

Today is Grant’s 30th birthday and I wanted to celebrate the occasionwitha surprise birthday party on Saturday.  This was the hardest secret to keep, but totally worth seeing his face walking in the door.  Last week, I would run errands on my lunch breaks to buy some decorations and the cake, wine, and 7 layer dip (umm, YUM!) and I was keeping them in the trunk of my car (don’t worry, it was cold enough to keep the dip in my trunk overnight instead of in the ‘fridge). Kwamedid me a huge favor and got him out of the house for me Saturday afternoon to go see a movie (Note: Word of mouth is that the movie “Watchmen” is horrible).  I quickly cleaned, cooked, and got help from Julie decorating.  People starting coming and everyone asked the same question, “so does he have any idea?”  My response, “He better not!!”  Kwamecalled me as he was coming to our house, everyone hid, and we heard Grant opening the door. Note: One of the decorations was a piece of paper that had Grant’s name and birthday on it, along with an old picture of him that was put on the outside of the front door so not only guests, but Grant saw it on the way in….Ok, so Grant walks in the door, yells, “CEARA!!” in a tone that seemed like he was mad at me, then everyone popped out and yelled “SURPRISE!!” His face was priceless…jaw dropped open, eyes looking like “what are all these people doing here?!”  It was great. Then he looked back at Kwame, knowing he helped set him up


You can see the paper that he tore off the door in Grant’s hand. Lol. The guy at the far left is our boss, my direct supervisor, Jon.  Later that night, Grant said he was the first person he saw and then thought, “what the heck is Jon doing here?!” Anyway, Grant was such a good sport!


A lot of our friends were there


Dave, Ryan, Amy (friends from church)


Grant, me, Christine and her girlfriend Emily. Emily is the assistant women’s hockey coach at UVM.


And surely you know Kijana!  The cake I bought was from Costco.  All chocolate, 5 layers, AMAZING!!!  So good!  Highly recommended for the chocolate lover in your family!


One of the gifts he got was from Jon.  A random t-shirt. But if you knew Jon, you would laugh because it’s just his kind of humor



Holy Biceps, Batman!!


It was great!! Happy Birthday, my little Grant Wilson!

Tonight is the semi-final men’s hockey game and I’m singing! I’m very excited, especially since (if I can brag for a second) I sang so well on Saturday at the women’s basketball game. Grant and I gotta figure out how to load a video on youtube. Once we do that, I’ll post it on here so you can take a listen yourself! Wish me luck!


Today’s video isn’t funny, just a good one…

Kanye West is one of my top 5 favorite rappers.  Now, I admit I don’t listen to a lot of rap music, just a small handful. Besides Kanye, I like T.I., Jay-Z, and some Eminem (to name a few).  But Kanye and T.I. are my favorites.  Kanye is a bit eccentric and isn’t afraid to break the mold and take risks with his music. His cd, Graduation, I could listen to over and over again because every song on there is so good. And his music isn’t all profanity, sex and/or violence–it’s so smart, the way he puts his lyrics together.  You’ve really got to actually listen to what he says–it’s not mindless rap music like a lot of people are putting out these days.  So today’s video is dedicated to him.  He was recently on VH1 Storytellers, and this is a cool performance the way he puts this song together.  I’d love to see him in concert someday!  I hope you like it!

Do the Stanky Legg…the new dance craze sweeping the nation!!  Man, the south comes up with some dumb stuff…stanky legg…

Just think of it this way, you can bust this dance move out at your next party or the next time you go to the club!

It’s so popular, people of all ages are doing it!!

Our video for the day is a classic favorite of ours (me and Grant) and I found it as I was cleaning out my inbox. Enjoy!

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