Just a quick whining session…we got a dumping of snow this weekend and all I gotta say is: I am ready for summer.  Walking to my office in the cold, windy, blowing snow is just plain annoying at this point. I’m sick of it. SICK OF IT. Ugh. Although, I have to give 99% of the snow shoveling credit to my wonderful husband (1% is for me when he’s been out of town)for getting up and shoveling every single time we get snow (which is a lot here) while I’m inside the warm house getting ready for work.  Sometimes I think he has too much fun with it, especially since getting his Yupper Scooper from his parents. He loves this thing. It’s way easier on your back than using a shovel. You just push and dump! On Sunday night after the hockey game, we were walking to our cars and he said, “Yesss! I get to use my toy!”


Hey, whatever makes you happy, baby! You get out there and you use your toy!!