Thursday after work, Grant and I got to baby-sit Kijana and Jada. Grant ended up having to work later than I did, so I had to pick up the kids from day care all by myself which made me a little nervous was fine. Kijana was very excited that we were coming over to play and watch Kung Fu Panda. Picking up the kids went great and almost as soon as we got to their house, Grant pulled up.  That was great because Jada was starting to get fussy and Kijana was all geared up and ready to play! So I fed Jada and got her settled while Grant played games with Kijana. We ordered pizza


Then we put the movie in and Kijana bounced from sitting with me to cuddling up next to Grant, which was too cute!


He fell asleep towards the end of the movie and we put him to bed. Then Jada woke up and was ready play. Yeah!


We got word from Julie and Kwame that they would be coming home a little later than expected because someone broke into his car and stole his navigation system. So they had to deal with that before coming back. I give props to Kwame for driving all the way home from Montreal (over an hour away) with no driver side window in 10* snowy weather!  We pulled into our driveway about 12:30 am and I immediately went to my computer to email my supervisors that I would be coming in late. A woman needs her beauty sleep, ya know?  I’m glad we could do this for Kwame and Julie. It was a good night and the kids were great (and no, Julie, I’m not just saying that because I know you’ll be reading this).

This weekend are the last 2 women’s hockey games of the season.  YEAH!!!  I mean, I wish they could’ve made it into the playoffs this year because they were so close, but I do love having my little Grant Wilson home more once his season is over. So, ya, selfishly? I’m glad hockey season is almost over.