Ya, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything…I just haven’t had the time.  What have I been up to? Let’s see…

Late last week, Grant called me at work while he was driving into work and said our carbon monoxide detector went off in the basement.  We didn’t know who to call about it, so I asked Jon, my boss, and he said the fire department. Really? Apparently. So Grant called the fire department. They told Grant they were going over right away and for him to come back home. He did, and when he got there, all the doors and windows were open in the house. They said the CO2 levels were at the max so they called the gas company to look for a leak. They didn’t find one. Once the house was aired out, they rechecked the levels and it was safe.  The wierd thing about it was we had been hanging out down in the basement the night before, Grant used the treadmill that morning…and we were fine!  The fire department said the high levels probably came from our cars, which had just been in and out of the garage (that empties into the basement) that morning.  Just moving cars in and out was enough to set them off inside? Dang.

Grant was traveling this weekend with hockey, so Friday night I went to Julie and Kwame’s for dinner. Julie made some yummy pasta, bread and salad, along with a couple glasses of wine and good conversation, it was a fun night.  Saturday, I went out with Julie, Allison and Sarah (a co-worker) for a girls night out.  Sushi and cocktails! Yum! Grant got back Saturday night just after I got home so we got to spend most of Sunday together.  We went to Allison’s house to watch the superbowl with the Lloyds and Sarah.  We had a good time eating a lot of food and even having a dance-off with the kids during half-time!  Lol. 

Now, it’s back to the daily grind!  I can’t wait for next weekend!

singer  ~Ceara