February 2009

There is no video today because the link was all screwy.  Arrrg. Hopefully next week it will work.  

And this is not so hilarious, but funny and cute and it will put a smile on your face!


Yes, Amber, I stole these cute pictures off your blog because Baby Tuesday is so cute!



Just a quick whining session…we got a dumping of snow this weekend and all I gotta say is: I am ready for summer.  Walking to my office in the cold, windy, blowing snow is just plain annoying at this point. I’m sick of it. SICK OF IT. Ugh. Although, I have to give 99% of the snow shoveling credit to my wonderful husband (1% is for me when he’s been out of town)for getting up and shoveling every single time we get snow (which is a lot here) while I’m inside the warm house getting ready for work.  Sometimes I think he has too much fun with it, especially since getting his Yupper Scooper from his parents. He loves this thing. It’s way easier on your back than using a shovel. You just push and dump! On Sunday night after the hockey game, we were walking to our cars and he said, “Yesss! I get to use my toy!”


Hey, whatever makes you happy, baby! You get out there and you use your toy!!


Thursday after work, Grant and I got to baby-sit Kijana and Jada. Grant ended up having to work later than I did, so I had to pick up the kids from day care all by myself which made me a little nervous was fine. Kijana was very excited that we were coming over to play and watch Kung Fu Panda. Picking up the kids went great and almost as soon as we got to their house, Grant pulled up.  That was great because Jada was starting to get fussy and Kijana was all geared up and ready to play! So I fed Jada and got her settled while Grant played games with Kijana. We ordered pizza


Then we put the movie in and Kijana bounced from sitting with me to cuddling up next to Grant, which was too cute!


He fell asleep towards the end of the movie and we put him to bed. Then Jada woke up and was ready play. Yeah!


We got word from Julie and Kwame that they would be coming home a little later than expected because someone broke into his car and stole his navigation system. So they had to deal with that before coming back. I give props to Kwame for driving all the way home from Montreal (over an hour away) with no driver side window in 10* snowy weather!  We pulled into our driveway about 12:30 am and I immediately went to my computer to email my supervisors that I would be coming in late. A woman needs her beauty sleep, ya know?  I’m glad we could do this for Kwame and Julie. It was a good night and the kids were great (and no, Julie, I’m not just saying that because I know you’ll be reading this).

This weekend are the last 2 women’s hockey games of the season.  YEAH!!!  I mean, I wish they could’ve made it into the playoffs this year because they were so close, but I do love having my little Grant Wilson home more once his season is over. So, ya, selfishly? I’m glad hockey season is almost over.

First, a short update…

The Lloyds came over for lasagne last night and we had fun.  Kijana beat me at Go Fish, then he was showin us his skills at dominos


No score was being kept, but he was doing really well at matching the right numbers together.  Tomorrow evening while Julie and Kwame go to Montreal to visit some friends, Grant and I are “putting our parenting skills to the test” (as Kwame is calling it).  We get to pick the kids up from daycare and play, feed them, put them to bed…and, well, put our parenting skills to the test. LOL!  I’ll be updating you on how that goes. On to our video of the week…who doesn’t like Ellen? Who doesn’t like hilarious, yet honest, senior citizens? Put them together and you get today’s hilarious hump day video!

So this morning, I reluctantly got out of bed (as usual) and went to the bathroom to start my morning routine. Part of that, of course, is brushing my teeth.  And Grant and I are both ones who can’t just stand in front of the sink to brush…we usually meander around the house, which has resulted in a few toothpaste stains on the carpet (oops!)  Anyway, I always walk into the living room to look out our picture window to check out what the weather is like outside.  And this morning when I looked out, I saw this:


Lol, What the heck?


Geez, our paper woman must have quite the arm to get our newspaper stuck in our tree!! Lol! I mean, sometimes she has left it at the very bottom of our stairs, on either side of the stairs in the dirt, etc. Today she was WAY off.  She must have really been chucking that thing.  And still assessing the situation, I look under the tree…


Footprints of the many attempts to jump up and grab it.  But the branch it’s hanging from is like 7 ft up. So I’m kind of pissed because I’ve got toothpaste dripping and I’m thinking that we are going to need to get the ladder out to get the paper and honestly, is it really worth it this early in the morning?  So then I went to the front door to see if they left us another paper…

And they did.  Now when I get off work, I’m going to have to get the ladder to get that stupid paper out of our tree…

I know I haven’t posted in a while (bad blogger), but not a whole lot has been going on.  Work is work.  Yesterday I had to go to diversity training, and the topic for the day was class and classism.  It was pretty good, but now whenever I go to diversity training, or even say “diversity training,” I think of the episode of The Office.  Truely, one of THE FUNNIEST episodes ever.  Michael Scott (the boss) facilitates diversity day and basically offends almost everyone in the office, then the office has to have an actual diversity training facilitator come in because Michael does a bit from a Chris Rock stand up routine (word for word, not censored) and ends up using the n-word and cussing and stuff.  Typing this, it doesn’t sound very funny, but trust me, it is hilarious!  I think I’ve posted a youtube video with clips of that episode. I’ve tried to get my boss, Jon, to show that episode for one of our diversity trainings, but even though he loves the show, he doesn’t think it’s such a good idea. Oh well…

This last weekend, the hockey team had a game Saturday and Sunday, and I sang the national anthem at the Sunday game. I wasn’t scheduled to, but the person got sick so I got called at the last minute to fill in. But, umm, had no idea they would have a photographer there taking pictures! If so, I would’ve been a little more dramatic with my expressions and stuff and maybe tossed in a Mariah Carey hand action (you know the kind–where the hand that isn’t holding the microphone is up kind of by your face and your fingers flutter with the runs you make with the notes…)  Then, maybe, I could’ve gotten a cooler looking picture like this:

singer1 But instead I got this:


It’s still good, just not as dramatic (lol).  So here is the video I wanted to post yesterday.  Hilarious! Especially his last noise at the end…

Chinese Food.

Tonight, Grant and I are ending the work week with eating chinese food on the couch while watching a movie.


Ya, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything…I just haven’t had the time.  What have I been up to? Let’s see…

Late last week, Grant called me at work while he was driving into work and said our carbon monoxide detector went off in the basement.  We didn’t know who to call about it, so I asked Jon, my boss, and he said the fire department. Really? Apparently. So Grant called the fire department. They told Grant they were going over right away and for him to come back home. He did, and when he got there, all the doors and windows were open in the house. They said the CO2 levels were at the max so they called the gas company to look for a leak. They didn’t find one. Once the house was aired out, they rechecked the levels and it was safe.  The wierd thing about it was we had been hanging out down in the basement the night before, Grant used the treadmill that morning…and we were fine!  The fire department said the high levels probably came from our cars, which had just been in and out of the garage (that empties into the basement) that morning.  Just moving cars in and out was enough to set them off inside? Dang.

Grant was traveling this weekend with hockey, so Friday night I went to Julie and Kwame’s for dinner. Julie made some yummy pasta, bread and salad, along with a couple glasses of wine and good conversation, it was a fun night.  Saturday, I went out with Julie, Allison and Sarah (a co-worker) for a girls night out.  Sushi and cocktails! Yum! Grant got back Saturday night just after I got home so we got to spend most of Sunday together.  We went to Allison’s house to watch the superbowl with the Lloyds and Sarah.  We had a good time eating a lot of food and even having a dance-off with the kids during half-time!  Lol. 

Now, it’s back to the daily grind!  I can’t wait for next weekend!

singer  ~Ceara