Babies, babies, everywhere babies! There must be something in the water in this country because there are so many people I know having babies (and don’t look at me, I’m not one of them!) Our friends from church, Ryan and Amy had a baby girl, Katelyn. I think this is the year of the girl because so far4 out of 5 people I know have had girls (Colin & Peggy, Amber & Bj, Liz & Brendon–Colin & Peggy’s friends–and now Amy and Ryan.  The only boy so far has been born to a woman I work with, but we have 4 (YES FOUR!!!) other pregnant women at work (can you believe that?!), so maybe another boy will come out of that bunch!  Anyway, here are a few pictures of baby Katelyn. 


One of my favorites (Go Notre Dame!)


Cute family!  Congrats, you guys!