Today is officially Kijana’s birthday, but on Saturday, his parents threw him a Kung-Fu Panda shin-dig! Their neighbors, Jeremy and Sonya and their 2 boys (Sam and Ben), along with Allison, Dan and their 2 boys (Cameron and Ben) were there. And me. I felt left out! Just kidding. The boy (husband) I was going to bring with me to the party was away with the women’s hockey team in Pennsylvania. Oh well. Kijana loves Kung-Fu Panda…or I should say Kung-Tu Panda, as he calls it:
Julie made an asian themed dinner of rice, this amazing orange chicken, noodles and salad with mandarin oranges and almonds. Everything was so good. And of course, cake and ice cream.


Then we all went to the basement where there was a pinata. But not the kind you bust open with a bat…apparently they make them also with strings hanging down, and you pull one string at a time, and if you pull the right one, the pinata opens. Sam was the lucky one, but at first, he thought he broke it (in a bad way), even when all the candy came pouring out! Maybe he had more fun pulling strings out of it

Kwame helped empty out the rest.


Here is the latest picture of this cute baby, Miss Jada with her Nonni (nonni=grandma=kwame’s mom) She (Miss Jada) had the Don King hair-do going on, but still adorable!


And in other baby news: Amber gave birth Saturday afternoon. Mom, Dad, and Baby Girl Garrison (no first name just yet) are all healthy and happy!


I can’t wait to see her (Amber and Baby Girl Garrison) in person later this week!!!