I didn’t post anything over Christmas because, frankly, blogging wasn’t really on my mind during that time. I got a suggestion from Julie for this week. I gotta give this dude props for learning the whole routine and doing it without stopping, in what looks like a teeny space, in a teeny unitard-thing with his skinny self! Bravo! And at first I didn’t like this song because it sounds like all of Beyonce’s other songs, but the more I hear it, the more I like it. But I just hope I don’t picture this every time I hear the song now…

On Monday, it was Kwame’s birthday–


 So Grant and I joined their family, along with Stephanie (the assistant soccer coach) and her boyfriend Ethan at Sweetwaters–a local favorite restaurant with THE BEST fries–for dinner.


You can kinda see Kijana’s orange shirt under Kwame’s left arm…the kid was in the middle of dinner and was so tired he couldn’t finish his meal (I don’t think that ever happened to me…I never miss a meal!) So he crashed on the bench next to the birthday boy.  It was fun–good cocktails, good food, great company!  And Kwame got very excited for his dessert