Ok, so I haven’t started the new year off right by not keeping up with the blogging, but not too much has been going on. I was off work for a week and a half, which was nice. I didn’t really do much except catch up on shows that had been on the dvr since, like, October *cough Oprah cough*. But now I’m totally up to date and ready to take on the new year–with a new hair do

And rockin’ a new pair of TO DIE FOR SHOES!!!!

Thanks, Grant! And this picture doesn’t really do the shoes height justice. The heels are a good 4 or more inches tall and when I walk, I have to keep my knees almost bent so I don’t fall on my face. Lol! It’s like walking around straight up on the balls of your feet, no joke. I’ll have Grant take a picture of me in them because they are so fabulously and rediculously high. I love them! Sure, my big toes fell asleep during church on Sunday with them on, but beauty is pain, right?

Anyway, happy new year!