January 2009

Well, I haven’t been feeling well the last week.  It started right after I got back from Oregon, I got a sore throat and had that for 2 days.  Then I felt better. Then my nose started to run. Then I got so congested, I couldn’t breathe for 2 days.  Now I’m feeling almost like my normal self!  

Oh, and another baby was born! Please meet Elena Love Wilson. Grant’s brother, Chris and his girlfriend (sorry, I don’t know her name) had her this past weekend, I think.  Another baby in this world and it’s a girl. Isn’t it great?


Congrats to them!

Babies, babies, everywhere babies! There must be something in the water in this country because there are so many people I know having babies (and don’t look at me, I’m not one of them!) Our friends from church, Ryan and Amy had a baby girl, Katelyn. I think this is the year of the girl because so far4 out of 5 people I know have had girls (Colin & Peggy, Amber & Bj, Liz & Brendon–Colin & Peggy’s friends–and now Amy and Ryan.  The only boy so far has been born to a woman I work with, but we have 4 (YES FOUR!!!) other pregnant women at work (can you believe that?!), so maybe another boy will come out of that bunch!  Anyway, here are a few pictures of baby Katelyn. 


One of my favorites (Go Notre Dame!)


Cute family!  Congrats, you guys!


I think it was truly a vacation, since I didn’t get online ONCE while I was in Oregon.  Not even to change my status on my facebook account, which if you have facebook, you know what I’m talking about….

My trip was great! Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?  My flight out there was delayed and eventually cancelled, but the nice dude at the ticket counter got me out to Portland the same day I left Burlington, which in and of itself deserves a round of applause.  Soon, I was visiting with my brother and his family.  I walked in the door to find my nephew, Zavion, in his new pajamas (at 2:00 in the afternoon)


He is convinced he is superman and wanted to wear these new pj’s over his clothes all day. His shirt underneath his Superman costume said “my aunt rocks.” I tried to get him to take off his superman outfit and wear his shirt, but he wasn’t having it! I said, “your shirt says your aunt Ceara rocks!”  He responded, “I don’t like rocks.”  Lol.  Ok!  He is a cute, ball of energy that never stops, especially when he is trying to fly around the living room as superman!  His new little sister, Avalee is just a precious, calm, baby.  They are convinced she takes after my brother, who is very laid back himself.


It was great to see these kids.


And Amber’s baby girl, Tuesday Lee Garrison, is just adorable! I think she looks just like Amber with Bj’s dark hair. They are so in love with their new little one and are great parents already.


And I couldn’t resist getting a picture of Tuesday (or Day Day, as Grant calls her) in her little bouncy chair, in her not-yet-filled-out fleece outfit


Lol! She’s so cute! After a couple days of some quality baby-holding, I drove down to Eugene to visit my friends, Athena, Kristin, and Elizabeth.  We spent the evening talking and catching up, and went to dinner at my favorite restaurant, Beppe and Gianni’s.  Ummm….yum!  The best, authentic Italian food you’ll ever eat. Ugh, I love it. If you ever go there, have whatever the ravioli of the day is. You can’t go wrong! We enjoyed more talk over a bottle of wine and some delicious food


Then we went to this little place that has the best desserts in town. I think it’s called Sweet Life. I got a piece of Marionberry Cheesecake and it was sooooo goood! And huge


Ok, so blurry picture, but you get the idea. Elizabeth got the same thing as me


Kristin was enjoying her dessert too….maybe a little too much


It was fun, just like old times. The next day, we took Athena and Kristin’s dogs on a walk around Alton Baker Park and Autzen Stadium



Go Ducks!


I miss my girls!


And before I came back home, I got to see my aunt, uncle and cousins. I couldn’t believe how much Emma Rose and Sam (especially) had grown since I saw them last. Sam’s voice is all deep, he’s taller than me, and can grow a mustache!!!  Geez…


And now that I’m posting all of these pictures, I realize I didn’t take any pictures with my brother or my parents!! How did that happen?! I think I was distracted by all the cute little ones I was holding!!  Geez, that’s awful. I have them embedded into my memory, so that is great for me, but not so much for the blog reader.  Oh well. Next time, I promise.  All in all, it was a nice trip.  Good to see everyone!  I love Oregon, especially Eugene, and I love everyone there, but I missed my little Grant Wilson on this trip.  So, I have to say, it was nice to get home.

Ok, one more of me and Avalee…


Wat up y’all…just a quick note to say hello! Not much to blog about today. The last 2 nights, Grant and I have taped 24, so we will be watching those this evening, which I am very excited to see!! I love that show. Oh, and American Idol comes on tonight too. And I’ll be packing tonight. Tomorrow I fly out to Oregon to visit my family and friends and hold babies! I can’t wait. I’m just hoping the weather cooperates and my flights don’t get delayed. I have to say, though, that I’m glad I will be missing the weather out here…the high on Wednesday and Thursday are going to be 0*. ZERO. With lows in the -15* range. Yikes!

So, I won’t be posting for Hilarious Hump Day tomorrow, but I’ll try to keep you posted on my visit out west!

singer ~Ceara

Today is officially Kijana’s birthday, but on Saturday, his parents threw him a Kung-Fu Panda shin-dig! Their neighbors, Jeremy and Sonya and their 2 boys (Sam and Ben), along with Allison, Dan and their 2 boys (Cameron and Ben) were there. And me. I felt left out! Just kidding. The boy (husband) I was going to bring with me to the party was away with the women’s hockey team in Pennsylvania. Oh well. Kijana loves Kung-Fu Panda…or I should say Kung-Tu Panda, as he calls it:
Julie made an asian themed dinner of rice, this amazing orange chicken, noodles and salad with mandarin oranges and almonds. Everything was so good. And of course, cake and ice cream.


Then we all went to the basement where there was a pinata. But not the kind you bust open with a bat…apparently they make them also with strings hanging down, and you pull one string at a time, and if you pull the right one, the pinata opens. Sam was the lucky one, but at first, he thought he broke it (in a bad way), even when all the candy came pouring out! Maybe he had more fun pulling strings out of it

Kwame helped empty out the rest.


Here is the latest picture of this cute baby, Miss Jada with her Nonni (nonni=grandma=kwame’s mom) She (Miss Jada) had the Don King hair-do going on, but still adorable!


And in other baby news: Amber gave birth Saturday afternoon. Mom, Dad, and Baby Girl Garrison (no first name just yet) are all healthy and happy!


I can’t wait to see her (Amber and Baby Girl Garrison) in person later this week!!!

I didn’t post anything over Christmas because, frankly, blogging wasn’t really on my mind during that time. I got a suggestion from Julie for this week. I gotta give this dude props for learning the whole routine and doing it without stopping, in what looks like a teeny space, in a teeny unitard-thing with his skinny self! Bravo! And at first I didn’t like this song because it sounds like all of Beyonce’s other songs, but the more I hear it, the more I like it. But I just hope I don’t picture this every time I hear the song now…

On Monday, it was Kwame’s birthday–


 So Grant and I joined their family, along with Stephanie (the assistant soccer coach) and her boyfriend Ethan at Sweetwaters–a local favorite restaurant with THE BEST fries–for dinner.


You can kinda see Kijana’s orange shirt under Kwame’s left arm…the kid was in the middle of dinner and was so tired he couldn’t finish his meal (I don’t think that ever happened to me…I never miss a meal!) So he crashed on the bench next to the birthday boy.  It was fun–good cocktails, good food, great company!  And Kwame got very excited for his dessert


Ok, so I haven’t started the new year off right by not keeping up with the blogging, but not too much has been going on. I was off work for a week and a half, which was nice. I didn’t really do much except catch up on shows that had been on the dvr since, like, October *cough Oprah cough*. But now I’m totally up to date and ready to take on the new year–with a new hair do

And rockin’ a new pair of TO DIE FOR SHOES!!!!

Thanks, Grant! And this picture doesn’t really do the shoes height justice. The heels are a good 4 or more inches tall and when I walk, I have to keep my knees almost bent so I don’t fall on my face. Lol! It’s like walking around straight up on the balls of your feet, no joke. I’ll have Grant take a picture of me in them because they are so fabulously and rediculously high. I love them! Sure, my big toes fell asleep during church on Sunday with them on, but beauty is pain, right?

Anyway, happy new year!