It has been such a nice break so far. Nothing much has been going on, it’s great! Grant has been home, as the team had a week off for Christmas, and I have been able to get things done around the house. On Christmas, Grant and I opened gifts. It was a small Christmas this year, but one of the things I got was a gift certificate to get my hair done (Tuesday is the day!) and I got Grant a blanket. He loves these Vellux blankets. I call them hotel blankets because they are always the blanket between the quilt and the sheets at hotels. Nothing exciting about them…I even think they feel almost like foam, but Grant loves them.


Then we had breakfast, watched  a movie and went over to Allison and Dan’s house for dinner. We sat around and had cocktails, played board games (Note: Do not buy anyone the ESPN sports trivia game–it’s impossible to get any of the answers right!!).  Allison and I got dinner ready (ham, squash, green beans, rolls, mashed potatoes), and then we all went downstairs to play the Wii they got their kids for Christmas. Umm, American Idol anyone?


Don’t the husbands look entertained? And this game is particularly fun after an entire evening of cocktails!



We had a great time. The next morning, Grant and I went out to breakfast at this nice place called Magnolia’s. It reminds me of a place that you would find in Eugene. It’s tucked away in an alley and is in a building with offices in it. But when you walk in the front door, you go down a flight of stairs and you’re in this cute bistro. The food was pretty good!  

Today, we finally got to painting the entry in our house. It’s the last bit of wall space in our entire house that hasn’t been covered with a new coat of paint. The high ceilings…


are a pain!!! I’m standing at the top of the stairs taking this picture and I still couldn’t get a shot to include the ceiling. The walls are so high right here, which is nice (architecturally), but is a hassle to paint. We have ladders and paint brush extenders, but still…you can tell we are not done (white primer at the top of the photo) because Grant had to leave to go to practice, but when he gets home we will finish it. I’ve been looking at light fixtures to replace the hideous 1970s throwback that’s up right now, but haven’t found one I absolutely love. And eventually, I’d like to get a new front door. Grant has taken the oak wood framing down from around the door to re-stain to match the rest of the wood trim in our house. The banisters will eventually need to be replaced to match, as well.  A home owner’s work is never done!