This weekend was fun! Apart from what came to almost 2 feet of snow being dumped on us, this weekend was a good one. And one comment about the snow that fell on Friday…It was the prettiest I’ve ever seen! It was so sparkly, it looked like glitter was falling from the sky and was piling up everywhere! At first, I thought it was just something I thought of, but going to the Christmas parties this weekend, other people said the same thing! I guess it was because it was so cold (5*) it was like extra-frozen snowflakes. I wanted to get a picture, but I wouldn’t be able to capture the sparkliness of it all. Anyway…

Friday night was the athletic director’s party. With the weather being so bad, me, Grant, Sarah (a co-worker) piled into the Lloyd’s s.u.v and Kwame got us all there safely. We hung around the food tables and ate and talked. Usually that party is packed because the entire department goes, but this year about 1/3 of the crowd was there because of the weather. So we snacked. Talked. Drank. Snacked. Drank. Drank. Talked.

Saturday was “chill around the house day.” Grant continued his progress on the basement and we watched tv and hung out. Although it was sunny, it was too cold to go outside. That night, we stopped by another co-worker’s Christmas party. We didn’t really know other people there except for a couple of other co-workers, so we hung out at the food table and snacked. Talked. Drank. Talked. Drank. Snacked. Snacked. Then went home.

Sunday, we went to church, then went over to the Lloyd’s house for lunch and fun in the snow! The Shepherds were there too and we talked. Ate. Drank. Ate. Talked. And had a great time! Grant had never been sledding before…This has always amazed me.  You lived in Michigan and never went sledding?!?!?!?? So we had to cross that off his list!

I think he had a good time. After just going down the hill a couple times, he was brave enough to be standing on the sled and “snowboarding” down! I’m like, who is this guy?!  It was great.

I had so much fun, even minus the snow pants and snow boots…what was I thinking not bringing those with me that afternoon?!  Don’t worry, the frost bite is only on a few spots of my legs.

Thanks, Julie, for taking such wonderful pictures! All in all, it was a full, wonderful weekend with friends and loved ones!