Ya, I know, I missed hilarious hump day this week. But I’ve just been so busy with work that I’ve been working through most of my lunch hours, so that leaves no time to post.

Grant and I finally got our Christmas tree this week…I think this might be the latest I’ve ever gotten one except one year in middle school, my family got one on xmas eve…what the point of having one when we waited that late is beyond me. But Grant and I got one and decorated it, and I got a picture of my man in front of the tree


Lol. Sexy, sexy. And Grant finished tearing down the wierd wall in the basement and it looks so much better already! So open! Yes, there is still a lot to do, but it will be great when it’s done

You can pretty much see what the before and after is on the walls (paint, trim color, etc) because we never did anything to that storage space when we moved in. I love everything we’ve done down there so far. One of the biggest changes we’ve done so far. Going down there was like a flashback to 1974!  Hello 2008! Oak colored wood = yuck!!

That’s the latest in the Wilson household. We are getting another big snow storm today, so we are trying to stay warm! Tonight is the annual Christmas party at the athletic director’s house. I’ll let you know how that goes!