We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! My favorite thing of the day was that Grant didn’t have to work!! He didn’t have to work that day, but the other days of the long weekend he did, so it was great spending time with him.


Geez, how those summer tans fade quickly!! Anyway, the other great things about the day was that the food turned out great. It was the first time I ever stuffed a turkey all by myself. The first time I ever made a turkey myself, I didn’t stuff it, and the last two years my mom has been visiting so has been able to do the stuffing. It turned out perfect!


That sucker was ready to pop!! Mmmm…so good! Then I made two pies…one for Grant (who grew up on sweet potatoe) and one for me (pumpkin, baby!)


Before we ate all this food, we each went for a run on the treadmill (ya know, so we could eat guilt-free!)


Ok, you got your turkey, your stuffing, greens, macaroni and cheese, cabbage, mashed potatoes, gravy, and rolls.  We pulled out our fine china and parked ourselves in front of the tv to lounge and eat and watch the Lions get creamed.  But by the 3rd quarter, we couldn’t watch any more, so Grant found that The Godfather was on tv and I went right to sleep!! 🙂 He did too, eventually, and then we woke up, got some more, then had some pie. I love this holiday…just a day devoted to eating! Brilliant. 

The next day, Grant left with the team to Clarkston (they lost) and I ventured out to do a little bit of shopping. I got some cozy flannel sheets for our bed and a Christmas gift for Grant. I also decided our bathroom needed repainting. We originally painted it purple, which I liked, but have since decided it’s too dark. So I went more lavender and it is so much brighter and nice in there (I’ll post a picture tomorrow). I also decorated our house for Christmas and by the time Grant got home Sunday night, our house looked a bit different from how he left it. Hey, a girl’s gotta keep busy while her man’s on the road!!

As I eat my turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce sandwich (omg, YUM!!) I’m thinking we should cook like this more often!!!

singer   ~ Ceara