For hilarious hump day, I’ve decided to pick a Thanksgiving-themed video.  Those of you who know me, know that I CANNOT stand turkeys.  I think they are the ugliest, most disgusting looking and sounding creatures on this planet and they gross me out with their gobbling noises and hanging skin off their neck and face.  UGH!!! I’m getting grossed out just thinking about them right now. Yuck.  Yes, I eat turkey meat. I actually buy ground turkey instead of ground beef.  And I’m glad we kill them for this American holiday because they are nasty to look at (and tastey)!  So, yes, it was hard for me to pick this video because I had to actually try to watch it…turkeys and all.  Ugh, yuck. The funny part of this is that Sarah Palin (this will be the only time she appears on my blog, I promise!!) pardons a turkey, but has no clue there is a guy in the background killing one. It’s not that graphic because the folks at msnbc blurred out the dead turkey…another funny eliment!  Ha ha!  Take that, ugly, gross, bird!!!

Happy turkey eating!!

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