It seems almost everyone I know has recently had or is having a baby…Julie, Trish, my sister in law, Peggy, Amber, and Amy–the last 3 all still expecting.  And there are 4 women in my department that are pregnant!! Geez, something must be in the water! Grant and I met Amy and her husband, Ryan, at the church we go to.  Our church threw her a baby shower last night! Oh, and the pastor’s wife is expecting, too!


Those were our gifts to them. The onsie on the left says “New in Town.” Too cute! The other is a soft, fleecy, outfit with bunnies on it.  She got lots of great stuff. And she knew when I walked over with my camera that I was guna ask for a picture to put on my blog. She goes, “uh oh, I know where this is going!” ha ha! And yes, Amy, I’m using the full body shot so everyone can see your lovely belly!


Their baby girl is due to arrive early January, but let’s keep our fingers crossed for them that she comes just before the new year so they get that tax break!! Babies, babies, everywhere! 

And no, there aren’t any babies coming yet in the Wilson house, so don’t ask.