Last night was the most amazing night. I’m still processing the fact that a biracial American has won the presidency.  One of my people; someone who looks like me.  Seeing him walk out on the stage with his family was such a proud moment.  Oddly enough, I thought of The Cosby Show. I thought of how many people had one of two views: “it is great having a show on tv that showcases a successful, wholesome black family”, or “that is such an unrealistic portrayal, no black family is like that.”  My thought was always the first; thinking how cool it was to see a black family on tv.  And now here is another–the first family, walking onto the stage, waving to thousands in the crowd in Chicago and to the people watching on tv.  The Huxtable family was fictional.  But this is real.   I heard on the news today about an African American man who says that now he can honestly and proudly tell his children that “yes, you really can grow up to be anything.”  I not only support President Obama with what he has done to break down racial barriers in this country, but I truly believe that he will change this country.  He will lead us to become a better country. I’m so excited for what is to come! 

Yes we can!