Before you read this post, you need to get off your booty and go to the polls and vote. Then you can come back and read this, but only after you’ve voted. The polls say Obama is projected to win, but I still get nervous thinking about the election.  How could he not win? I can’t see this country with McCain as president.  I can’t. Don’t let it happen, people!!  Obama in ’08!!

On a much lighter note, our new curtains were delivered yesterday! Ordered from Bed, Bath, and Beyond baby!  The only thing I don’t like about them is that they have to be short because of the heater being right in front of the window. When I went to the store to pick them out, I asked the sales lady if it really mattered that they hung in front of the heater? She was like, “uh, ya, you could burn your house down.”  Ok then. I love the look of them otherwise. What do you think?


Ok, one more time: Get out and vote today!!  Obama in ’08!