On Friday, I was all ready to hand out candy to my neighborhood trick-or-treaters. 6 o’clock came and went and I finally had my first one just after 7.  Then, by 7:30, after about 10 of them showed up, they dwindled down and I was ready to go out.  So I turned off the lights, enjoyed some candy myself, then went over to Julie and Kwame’s house to hang out and see Kijana in his costume.

Cutest monkey ever? I think so!  Jada was dressed as a bunny, but that was before I came over. When I got there, she was just her regular, adorable self!

Why isn’t Julie in any of the pictures I put on my blog? Well, it’s because whenever I whip out the camera, she turns her head.  Ever since I got her laughing and making a funny face and posted it, she’s refused a head-shot. Oh well. 

I was going to go over to Allison’s house, but I had a couple glasses of wine with Julie and didn’t want to drive out to Colchester, so I figured I would stay closer to my side of town. 

I can’t believe it’s November already. I am so nervous for the election tomorrow, whenever I think about it, I get butterflies in my stomach.  Obama needs to win this one.  Our future depends on it!  So get out there tomorrow and VOTE.  And vote for Obama!